Workplace Wellbeing

Weight Gain is caused by many things and they are all linked. For example, Stress can lead to poor Sleep with a knock-on effect on Energy and Motivation. Work Places and Working from Home are a source of stress. Is your workplace helping you? Are you helping yourself?

♦ One-on-One coaching 
♦ A Practical Workshop for small groups  
♦ Nutrition Education Programme for larger groups


Biscuits, doorstep sandwiches, chocolate, crisps are incredibly high in calories and are available everywhere. Some Work Places, Outdoor Parks and even Car Parks have become obesogenic environments.  Add work stress to this and it is a ticking time bomb for health.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ is the most protective strategy for people who are vulnerable to weight-gain and poor food choices.  Families and workplace colleagues can lend huge support by using this strategy. So many of my clients have spoken about cakes and sweets being all too available in their office. Furthermore, if your job involves sitting most of the day  in a very busy role, it is hardly surprising that you give-in.

Eating too quickly or not sitting to eat, are 2 of the most common bad habits but are fixable once identified. I work through small changes, like these, 1 step at a time during my one-on-one coaching with corporate clients.

I also come into companies to knowledge share with small groups (10-30) in either a female or male group. My goal is to educate people and give them the tools to manage their health, during high periods of stress in the Workplace and the Home. There are a selection of Educational Topics to choose from

  1. A Practical Workshop demonstrating weight-loss technology and  the various approaches to Weight-Loss
  2. The 3 Macro’s for Healthy Living– Carbs  Proteins  Fats
  3. Gut Bacteria & Fibre – a critical link to long-term health
  4. Alcohol & Nutrition
  5. Sleep and its impact on Weight and Health
  6. Inflammation & Food. Natural anti-inflammatories.
  7. Cholesterol Management – with or without a Statin
  8. Water – you will not live without it
  9. Stress  to Burn-Out

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Tools that help

Seeing is Believing

We hear it time and time again, ‘Stress is a Killer‘, ‘Sugary Foods are Bad

We now have the technology that will allow you see the effects of these 2 factors inside your body. Seeing your blood glucose rise on your smart phone, really hammers the message home. Combine this with education whereby you will learn from me, the  effects of repeated sugar peaks and these will help you to change your habits and behaviours, with less of a struggle.

Historically there was a lot of guesswork in weight-loss but  food logging technology has changed my outcomes for the better. Using an APP that was designed to match insulin to carbohydrate intake, I can now guide clients to eat and log specific macro’s such as fibre and protein. A weekly numbers analysis reveals the best dietary approach for each client. Personalised Nutrition is the future.

Wearable devices such as Garmin, Apple etc allow you to see an improved resting heart rate, longer deep sleep, and peak heart rates when you climb the stairs each day. We can use this data to create goals.

Managing Stress helps weight loss

When stressed we reach for comfort food, alcohol and this causes weight gain

A calm mind makes better decisions. Managing day-to-day stress has to be addressed if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Breathing techniques, yoga and exercise will help you.

Small changes made one day at the time build up to become a new healthy weight lifestyle

  • Make a dish that stretches to 3 meals and tastes even better after it is reheated
  • Extra dinner can become a lunch
  • Learn to cook a meal off by-heart and it is auto-pilot
  • Prep a few side salad dishes in the fridge that go with fish, meat or chicken and last 2 to 3 days
  • A soup can be a starter when you arrive in very hungry
  • Frozen vegetables can be used in a fast stirfry
  • Keep a nutty protein bar in the car
  • Decide on an alcohol strategy and commit to it for a set period of time
  • BodyScan can take you into a deep sleep
  • Breathing exercises at your desk strengthens your resolve

Become MY project

I lead, mentor, coach, motivate and I listen and support.