One-on-One Motivation – Weight-Loss Nutritionist

Weight-loss delivers an incredible surge to your self-esteem, self-confidence and health. You feel in control of your life. I  get you started on your weight-loss and  lifestyle changes and I stay with you, every day and keep your motivation levels high.  You get diet sheets, recipes, advice, empathy and my nutrition education.

How I differ from all other weight-loss nutritionists is the intensity. You get one-on-one motivation from a degree-qualified weight-loss nutritionist every day, at different times, especially your ‘challenging’ times of day, by phone, text, and zoom.

My approach is whole food and to give you the skills to make tasty recipes. No Fads.

Covid-19 forced me to move my practice online and I am stunned at how effective it is. I feel so close to my new clients and yet I have never met them.

I take on a small number of clients per month, all 1-on-1 working with me privately. I only take people who are seriously committed to getting the weight off and we chat by phone before agreeing to work together.

You can exercise for hours every day but if the food is not right, you will not lose weight. Focus on getting the food right first. I refer clients to exercise professionals once I know they have a handle on their food.


“If I can lose 3 stone in weight, what can’t I do now in life?” Lisa, 45yrs,  Dublin 6

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Why Me?

I have a nutrition degree with 14 years experience helping people lose weight but more importantly, I have been overweight. I understand the challenges, I’ve fought the battle.

Clients say that I get inside their head and press the right ‘ buttons’ for weight-loss. They tell me I know my stuff and never give up.

I love what I do.

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Men & Women in the Workplace

It is you I understand.

I’ve been there.

Long Hours. Stress.

U need a PM.


I’ve Got your Back.

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The Service

 Weekly Online Meets & Daily text/call Motivation

Behavioural Insights & Macro Monitoring

Recipe Creation & tailored Meal Plans

Low Carb or Low Fat Plans

Nutrition Education with Slide Share

I put you back in control

The Service

I am a Weight-Loss Nutritionist

I get to know you

  • What are your weight-gain triggers?
  • Uncover your habits, behaviours, stressors.
  • I Listen.
  • We Negotiate.
  • Encourage healthy weight loss – no fads
  • It is a confidential service. I respect people’s privacy as not everyone wants to talk about personal stuff.

I understand nutritional science

  • My 3 year degree  in Nutritional Therapy taught me the link between food and disease
  • Stress affects our hormones, weight, sleep, mood – I help you manage Stress
  • I lecture on Weight Management at ION, London
  • A low-carb food plan can make a dramatic difference to some conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, IBS, SIBO.
  • If you experience sugar cravings, a low-carb plan helps
  • I help change habits, behaviours and food choices

I know food

  • I create my own weight-loss recipes & meal plans.
  • Using foods that have proven scientific health benefits.
  • You will have new recipes to keep you interested.
  • Discover spices & herbs on whole foods for maximum flavour.
  • No artificial sweeteners & processed foods.

I encourage you to exercise

  • I was a couch potato then become a runner, cyclist, hill walker, gym fan but after a bad injury, I had to stop all exercise, even walking.
  • I helped my body heal through yoga over a 12 month period and found that these movements brought peace to the mind as well as freedom to the body. These are ideal forms of movement for people who are stressed and overweight.
  • I encourage my clients to move and find the form that suits them best. See Client Video Invite

The Power of 2

  • Imagine having someone on your side, constantly motivating you.
  • You like being accountable and will love Project 2020’s – U.
  • Two people working together achieve more.
  • U + 1 = the power of 2 on a weight-loss journey

Regular Contact

  • Text.
  • Email.
  • Phone.
  • Face-to-face meets and online meets.
  • This is a personal service and all clients are different.
  • A short text at the right time can help to keep you on track.
  • We will identify the bumps on the road ahead and plan for them.

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