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How My Service Differs is that Every Client Matters to Me.

A Private Service, focused on Getting Results.

8 Week Weight-Loss programme – €600

 Female weight-loss of 10lbs to 23.5lbs and Male weight-loss of 18lbs to 31lbs in 8-weeks

I am a Weight-Loss Nutritionist with a passionate vocation for Health

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Why Me?

I have a nutrition degree with 14 years experience.

I have been overweight. I understand the challenges, I’ve fought the battle.

I love what I do.

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Men & Women in the Workplace

Are you juggling Work & Home life?

Do you need Help Getting Started?

Does Accountability work for you?

Do you thrive on Motivation?

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The Service

Weekly Online Meets

Carb Cycling or Low Fat or Calorie Control

Meal Plans & Recipes

Food Education

Support & Motivation

The Service

I get to know you

  • Your weight-gain Triggers, Habits, Stressors
  • Your Back Story & Motivators
  • It is a confidential service. I respect people’s privacy as not everyone wants to talk about personal stuff.

I understand nutritional science

  • My 3 year degree in Nutritional Therapy created a solid foundation
  • I continually research Food & Human Health
  • Observing and Hearing client experiences made me practical
  • Stress, Poor Sleep, Auto-Immunity, Hormonal Imbalance affect Weight

I know food

  • I create recipes
  • I customise meal plans for you
  • Use foods that have proven  health benefits
  • Little tips & tricks that make the difference
  • No artificial sweeteners & processed foods.

I encourage you to exercise

  • Food is 75% of the the weight loss effort. Get the food right first.
  • Exercise keeps you mentally strong
  • I encourage my clients to find an exercise form that suits them best
  • Change-up your exercise and food quite often, we get bored!

The Power of 2

  • I constantly motivate & support you
  • We achieve more together

I stick with you

  • I never judge you
  • I am always kind
  • I can get tough
  • I want results

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