How to enjoy a night-out without destroying your successful weight-loss

You cannot stop living while losing weight so start planning


1. Ensure you are full and very well hydrated before you go out otherwise the first few drinks go down very quickly and weaken your will-power.

2. Have a look at the menu in advance and decide what suits your food plan

3. Arrange something enjoyable for the following day that you really do not want to miss. A hangover would ruin it and this will help to keep you on focus.

4. Eat well throughout the day so that you are not starving. Then you can choose a healthy 2 course rather than having all 3 courses.

5. Change your drink to one that you are less fond of and you may find you drink less. Wine is the worst for women and beer for men. A client recently told me he drinks less beer when he chooses a bottle of beer over a pint – slowing down drinking is a great help. In another article on alcohol, I list some alternatives to such as 0% beer and gin.

6. Decide before you go out how much you are going to drink and don’t get into a round 

7. Wear a tight skirt/trousers/jeans – excess drink and food can bloat us and clothes can act as your ‘bloat monitor’ and reminder of how far you have come.

6. Dance, dance, dance – the only times I find people lose weight after a big event such as stag, hen or party was when they danced their socks off all night. The body burns ethanol as a fuel and then moves on to burning your food or stored fat.

7. Have every 2nd or 3rd drink as water – a pint of tap water from the bar is free. It will help the liver. Before going to bed, have a pint or two of water.

8. At dinner, switch the position of the water glass to your drinking hand and wine to your other hand. It helps to slow intake because when the ‘craic’ is good; it’s difficult to monitor the amount you drink.

9. If you are sporty, give up alcohol and caffeine for a month and monitor your performance times. You may be pleasantly surprised

10. Have a drink before you go out to relax you and get you into the party mood while you are getting ready or watching the TV while waiting for the partner.  Then offer to drive home and your partner drives there. The alcohol will have cleared by the time you are ready to come home.  It takes the body about 1 hour to clear 15ml of alcohol. A glass of wine 175ml @ 12% alcohol is 21ml of alcohol which will take 1.5 hours to eliminate from the body. You can double check by buying a breathalyzer in the chemist to double check. You will sleep better which is an added bonus.

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