About Me – A Weight-loss Nutritionist in South Dublin

I LOVE what I do

It’s a way of life.

For 14 years I have been motivating people to lose weight and I love it. I struggled with excess weight in my teenage years and work life and that is what brought me to Nutrition and Weight-Loss.

I went back to college to get a solid foundation in nutritional science and set up my own business as most other companies  were selling powders and pills. Since then, I have learnt so much from clients about their struggles with weight. They share their story with me and  together, we find a solution that works for them: what recipes they like;  when they need support; a re-boot strategy when they get stuck because everyone gets stuck along the way.  We tease out the triggers and we change long established habits.

Clients need frequent motivation, new challenges and  fresh thinking. Weight-loss can be a long road but a very enjoyable one when you have support and friendship on the journey. Nutrition is changing as a result of  new science outcomes and I stay up to date. I believe in my clients. I motivate them 7 days a week because that is what it takes to lose weight.

Let's work together

Work Stress & Weight

My first degree was Business & Marketing and I started out in Hotels in Kerry and ended up in Stockbroking in London. Both roles were sociable with long hours and stressful work cultures.  The daily routine of packed tubes, very early starts and late finishes led to unhealthy meals and over-indulgence at weekends!

My years in the corporate sector made me want to help people who cannot control their weight but work very hard.  Unfortunately many people who work hard often put work and family ahead of themselves. They forget to mind themselves. We all need good food, in addition to sound sleep and good friends. We need to find exercise that is fun along with techniques to manage stress. Excess weight can be a reflection of imbalance in our lives but it is fixable. Weight-Loss brings huge joy to people and this is why I am in this business. It’s really fulfilling.

Weight loss delivers an unbelievably good feeling of freedom. 

Some things you cannot change. Excess Weight you CAN change.

I have guidelines

Eat regularly to avoid hunger pangs and lose weight. Intermittent fasting is an option but the food has to be tasty and filling.
Falling off a healthy eating plan is a given because we are human. Just accept it and move on however do not give up.
Try new recipes and find ones that you love. Let food become your friend so that you maintain a healthy weight forever.
Be kind to yourself. Let that voice in your head be positive. Quieten the loud and critical voice that puts you down and as a result you will see great ongoing weight-loss.
Learn coping skills to deal with the tough stuff in your life because food is not a good emotional support and alcohol heightens anxiety.
Become self-aware so that you observe your eating habits and your thinking patterns. We will use the findings from my 3 questionnaires to continually re-assess your progress.

Never give up.