B Vitamins & Magnesium protect you from some of the side-effects of Stress

A video summary Do you eat less healthily and drink more alcohol when you are stressed? If your answer is yes, a supplement of B complex and Magnesium may help to protect health while the stressor lasts. I will explain why. Imagine, until 1937, a deficiency in B3 was thought to be an infectious disease called Pellagra, that caused the
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How to Lower LDL Cholesterol on a Low-Carb Diet?

One of the main criticisms of a Low -Carb diet is an increase LDL cholesterol when 60% or more of your daily calories are fat. High cholesterol can be genetic and a change in diet will not fix it. However a high calorie, poorly-balanced diet can cause high cholesterol or high triglycerides. Excessive alcohol also affects blood test results. My

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Before you change your diet and lifestyle, get a Blood screen at your GPs

Wisdom comes with experience and I’m sharing a pearl – Test your blood before changing your Diet As a new practitioner in 2011, I learnt a valuable lesson. A male client had been on a Low-Fat calorie controlled diet and exercise plan for 8 weeks with me.  After 8 weeks he decided to have his bloods tested at his GP.

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Carbohydrates can be the cause of High Cholesterol

Low Fat Diets are not the only solution to consider for High Cholesterol. Are you a Carb-fiend? Some people think that a high cholesterol reading must be because of a high-fat diet.  A high fat or high calorie diet raises cholesterol in some people but excess sugars or carbohydrates also can produce high cholesterol and high fat readings. Carbohydrates include sweets,

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