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Gut Health – Buying Probiotics?

A Probiotic is a supplement of bacteria that humans can eat or drink that positively impacts our health. They come in capsules, powder or drink forms. A Prebiotic is a food. Note the ‘Pre’ and ‘Pro’ difference. Can you imaging asking your Health Store or pharmacist for the following criteria before you buy a probiotic supplement? To qualify as a

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B Vitamins & Magnesium protect you from some of the side-effects of Stress

A video summary Do you eat less healthily and drink more alcohol when you are stressed? If your answer is yes, a supplement of B complex and Magnesium may help to protect health while the stressor lasts. I will explain why. Imagine, until 1937, a deficiency in B3 was thought to be an infectious disease called Pellagra, that caused the
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Why would I Whey?

If you are following a low-fat food plan, Whey Protein is a fantastic cravings blocker and it maintains your muscle while you lose fat from your body. This food is not just for bodybuilders!Whey protein is what is left over after you make cheese from milk. Whey Protein has the highest 'Biological Value' rating (110-159), better than eggs (100) which
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How to increase Fibre on a healthy Low Carb Diet – avoiding constipation

It is essential to eat fibre levels of 18g to 30g per day when you follow a low-carb diet. This maintains a healthy bowel.


Bone Broth for healthy weight loss on a low carb diet

If you are on a weight-loss journey, you need to create a happy gut so that every meal you feel satisfied and well. Pain or discomfort in the gut can create a constant need to eat or drink so as to relieve the pain. Bone broths are one of the best foods to deliver an almost immediate soothing effect to

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Gut Bacteria affect your Health and Weight

A high fibre, low-carb diet delivers weight-loss and gut health The gut is a fascinating area of health for me, especially the way  it impacts weight. Most of the clients I have worked with over the years arrive to me with gut issues, particularly bloating and constipation. They come for weight-loss but I also like to help them change their

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Probiotic supplements give you an opportunity to build Gut Health

Probiotics flood into your gut and support your existing gut bacteria. A healthy family of bacteria in the gut is linked to a healthy weight. Probiotics are live bacteria or yeast that produce a health benefit in humans. They originate from plants or humans, are grown or ‘cultured’ in a laboratory, then put into capsules/powders or  foods such as dairy

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A healthy gut helps you to lose weight and keep the weight off

What do Gut Bacteria do? Our gut bacteria are the first to interact with the food that we eat and they generate messages to our central nervous system (gut-brain axis) and our immune cells, influencing our body weight. Mouse studies (1) have shown that when you replace or remove their gut bacteria, you can alter their body weight, proving that

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13 suggestions to help avoid Constipation during Weight-Loss

Can you imagine what a bin left full for 2 to 3 days in high heat conditions would look and smell like? That is how I imagine a bowel when it is constipated. I know, disgusting but maybe motivational to do something about it! I have 13 tips for you to consider to help you avoid constipation while losing weight

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Apples, Berries and Pears help rebuild your Gut Lining

The inner lining of your gut is just 3mm thick (imagine 20 sheets of paper) and it is in a constant state of rebuild. This lining is in contact with the outside world of food, alcohol and bacteria and in fact anything that we put into our mouths. This lining provides a vital barrier. We shed this lining daily, excreting the dead cells in our stools and

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