B Vitamins & Magnesium protect you from some of the side-effects of Stress

A video summary Do you eat less healthily and drink more alcohol when you are stressed? If your answer is yes, a supplement of B complex and Magnesium may help to protect health while the stressor lasts. I will explain why. Imagine, until 1937, a deficiency in B3 was thought to be an infectious disease called Pellagra, that caused the
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Why would I Whey?

If you are following a low-fat food plan, Whey Protein is a fantastic cravings blocker and it maintains your muscle while you lose fat from your body. This food is not just for bodybuilders!Whey protein is what is left over after you make cheese from milk. Whey Protein has the highest 'Biological Value' rating (110-159), better than eggs (100) which
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Avoid a cold/flu to maintain weight-loss

When you get a cold, all you want is sugar and comfort food. Healthy eating becomes a thing of the past. A cold or flu is debilitating and can affect your work performance and mood. It is best to do everything you can to avoid falling ill. From Covid-19 we all know the best way to avoid picking up bugs

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Is there a connection to disappearing bees and spiking allergies in Ireland?

Why using locally produced bee pollen might reduce your sensitivity to Spring/Summer allergies. Just because the label on the jar says ‘local’ it may not be. Buy your honey@ farmers markets.


Building Immunity using Food.

Viruses, Fungi and Bacteria want to live inside our body, feed off our food supplies and reproduce.  They have been and remain the greatest threat to human health. Understanding Immunity Our immune system stops them from entering and kills them if they get in therefore by understanding your immune system, you can help to reduce your risk of disease or

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Food sources of Vitamin D but supplement it October to May in Ireland

Vitamin D behaves more like a hormone than a vitamin, targeting the kidneys, intestines, brain, pancreas, skin, bones, reproductive organs and some cancer cells. Hormones are chemicals in your body that tell cells what to do. What happens if you don’t have enough Vitamin D? Ongoing research is investigating the link between a deficiency in vitamin D and a number of health conditions

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When you are on a weight-loss journey, it is more important than ever to eat foods that give you protection.

Tomatoes contain a protective nutrient called lycopene which has been studied intensively over the last 5 years or more and found to be ‘preventative’ against human disease.1, 2, 3 Lycopene, is a member of the flavonoid nutrient family,  found mostly in the skins, seeds and leaves of red and orange fruits and vegetables;-tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, apricots, pink grapefruits, red

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