How do I manage my weight at work?

The type, frequency and portion size of foods we eat, affect our hormone and brain chemical levels. In the workplace, especially during a demanding period, we need our minds to be razor-sharp and to effortlessly feel a flow of energy through our body. When stretched, we often use caffeine, starchy-carbohydrate foods and sugary treats which can create the opposite effect to what we want, resulting in dramatic slumps, mentally and physically.

In the next 3 slides, I will explain blood sugar balance, list the side-effects of a poor diet and demonstrate how to keep bloods  balanced throughout the working day.

In summary

  • Aim to eat every 3 hours when at work, 5 small meals or 3 meals & 2 snacks
  • The food to portion is complex carbohydrates (brown bread, pasta, rice, potato) and to avoid is refined carbohydrates (sweets, juices, cakes, pastries, deep fried)
  • Focus on enjoying your food when eating, stepping away from your desk.
  • Avoid distending the stomach, leave 20 minutes after a meal to allow the gut to communicate with your brain that you are full
  • Always have water/herbal tea at your desk, office environments can be dehydrating and thirst may be interpreted as hunger
  • Combine a protein, carbohydrate and fat at all meals to maintain a good blood sugar curve

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