How to avoid destroying your Weight-Loss Goals at Weekends

You want to be healthier, energetic with your clothes fitting comfortably. The reasons for your weight loss campaign are strongly motivational and personal. Re-reading these reasons at our weekly meeting makes you feel excited about the future.

You eat well and exercise all week and notice that you are sleeping better and your mind is positive. Friday arrives. You lose the plot. Weekends are destroying your weight-loss goals.

Monday inevitably comes around and you wake up feeling low, a little anxious if you drank alcohol and absolutely fed-up with yourself. The weighing scale it up! How do you move forward? You might even feel tempted to give up?

What is driving Weekend eating and drinking habits?

There are 3 possible reasons why weekends destroy your weight-loss efforts:

  • Boredom 
  • Lack of meal planning for the weekend
  • Trying to differentiate the weekend from the week days

Successful clients leave nothing to chance , including the weekend. However for some of us, we know our meals and snacks Monday to Friday lunchtime but it is like getting out of jail Friday evening!  Our weight-loss goals dive into a take-away and bottle of wine, head first with no thought of Monday!

Boredom causes snacking and excess alcohol

We hear kids saying it all the time “I’m bored”. Adults feel it but don’t say it. We wander in and out of the kitchen, bored. We channel-hop, bored. We browse around shops bored. TV is not stimulating company, it is a lonely pastime. Think back to an evening spent with stimulating company where you chatted and laughed so much, the time sped by and food or drink was the last thing on you mind. Your mind was fully occupied. 

How to avoid destroying your weight-loss Goals at weekends

If you are someone who needs stimulation from others, plan the weekend and meet up with people who make you laugh and think. People who stimulate your mind.

If you don’t need stimulation from other people, think about non-work activities for the weekend.

Identify activities that fully captivate your mind, delivering that sense of ‘time flying by and you are having fun’. Here are some suggestions – 

  • Play cards with people, for small money, to keep it interesting
  • Sign up for a pub quiz and offer to be the driver
  • Head into the Garden or allotment
  • Go to the Golf driving range, Shooting range, Pitch ’n Putt, Tennis
  • Take up Paddle boarding or learning to Sail
  • Hillwalk with friends early morning on Saturday or Sunday
  • A sea-side stroll late evening
  • Home gym session with friends to loud music
  • Yoga and Pilates at home on the Saturday and Sunday
  • Board games, crosswords, jigsaw, a good book that grips you
  • Learning a new instrument or language if you have interest

Our minds are hungry and need stimulation not food or alcohol. I put a little gym into my kitchen during lockdown, I continue to use it.

Planning your weekend will help you lose weight

Sometimes we just want to kick back and not plan. However what are your options?

Depressing Mondays or getting to your weight-loss goal and feeling amazing.

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