Choose an Eating Plan that suits your Lifestyle and Tastes

There are 3 weight loss Programmes or Eating Plans to choose from –  Low Fat, Low Carb or Small Changes. We will decide on the best approach for you in session 1. 

The Just Weight 10-week programme

  1. Welcome to Just Weight. My aim over the coming weeks, is to empower you to make educated decisions on food and lifestyle factors that affect your health. I also want you to enjoy the experience so that you no longer feel anxious about bodyweight. When you gain weight, which we all do from time to time, you will feel confident that you can take it off quickly and safely, without my help in the future. Here are the topics we will be covering. You will be given links to all these topics as a client.

Programme Educational Topics

  1. Low Carb weight-loss Explained, App Training, Goal Setting
  2. General background discussion & set Weight & Health Goals
  3. The 3 Macro’s for Healthy Living– Carbs Proteins  Fats
  4. Alcohol & Nutrition
  5. Sleep and its impact on Weight and Health
  6. Gut Bacteria & Fibre
  7. Inflammation & Food
  8. Cholesterol Management
  9. Water
  10. Stress Burn-Out
  11. Acidity & pH

Specialist topics –

 Female Hormones

The Blood Sugar Experiment – Personalised Nutrition


What to expect when you sign up

 The first session lasts 1.5 hours. We can break it into 2 sessions if we need to. All the following sessions are 40 minutes. We discuss one of the above topics every week.

We agree weekly weight-loss targets in our first session and kick-off each session thereafter by analysing and discussing your experience over that week. We explore further small changes that you can make to help you reach goal. There will be other targets along with weight-loss that we will agree on, such as improved sleep, lower cholesterol, greater activity etc. Your blood results help us set goals.

We discuss the recipes that will deliver weight reduction and in the first week you will get a personalised detailed diet sheet. You will be logging your daily food into the Carb & Cals app and will become confident around personalised nutrition.

You will send your early morning weight by whatsapp via a photo on the morning of our zoom meeting. I send a zoom link to your email, 5 minutes before we are due to talk. It is best to take the zoom meeting on your laptop and have your phone close-by also.

By the end of the programme, I want you to be nutrition confident, happier and healthier.

10 week package One Size does NOT fit all

2023 Fees

10 Week Programme

6 weeks maintenance follows the course

Yearly Check-in & Maintenance for Existing Clients


How do we know we can work together?

I take a telephone call with prospective clients before agreeing to work together.