How to Lower LDL Cholesterol on a Low-Carb Diet?

Firstly high cholesterol can be genetic and a change in diet will not completely fix it but can help to keep it lower, along with medications, is recommended by your GP. However most people I have worked with have a high cholesterol as a result of stress, lifestyle choices and diet and when they change their diet and lose weight, within 8 to 12 weeks, I see a drop in total cholesterol, LDL, TG’s and HbA1c. A high calorie, poorly-balanced diet can cause high cholesterol or high triglycerides.

Nutrition offers opportunity to lower cholesterol

The best Cholesterol-lowering food fibres are 

My recipes contain all these foods except for soybeans

  • Oats & Oat Bran 
  • Beans and lentils 
  • Nuts – especially Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts
  • Seeds – especially ground linseeds/flaxseeds. Add to porridge
  • Apple – pectin is a great fibre. Stewed apple is ideal. You can buy liquid pectin.
  • Soybeans and Soy food have sterols, fibre and protein isolates
  • Whey protein powder – increase glutathione in the liver, helping the liver to cope with fats. Soy protein isolates have been shown to lower LDL and total cholesterol
  • Marshmallow root and slippery elm powder (mucilage herbs) can be used in teas and added to shakes.
  • Cruciferous vegetables contain sulphur and glucosinolates that help the liver to function.The liver is the maker and manager of cholesterol-, therefore eat more Cabbage, Kale, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts lightly steamed, adding a little olive oil, black pepper and flavouring such as mustard, onion and if necessary a little cheese sauce (stilton/parmesan) if it helps you to eat more of them.
  • Fibre-lowering vegetables include garlic, aubergines, turmeric, globe artichoke, olives, onion, leek, avocados, honey and alfalfa sprouts. On a Low-Carb diet plan I do not include honey

Plant Sterols

Sterols are found in nuts, seeds, lentils, beans and soy. Sterols compete with cholesterol in the gut to be absorbed across the gut wall. By competing, they help to lower or block the amount of cholesterol being absorbed. 

  • Use fermented soy paste (Hatcho Miso).  I use it like a stock cube, adding it to every soup, stew and casserole
  • Soy Beans contain phytosterols. Tinned soy beans are sold in health stores. You can use them in a number of my recipes. They also add excellent protein

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