A client of mine climbed Carrauntoohil last week. Weight-loss is life-changing affecting the entire family. 

Chatting to clients over the past 2 weeks I was struck by small things. Sometimes they are so small we don’t notice them. We can stop doing small things or start them and they all add up to make a big difference in a kind of domino effect. 

“The devil is in the Detail”

Drinking tea sounds harmless but drinking 10 cups a day if you put sugar it in, is a different story. 

I often ask clients to avoid bread to see how it affects weight-loss. The following week, they might mention a wrap or a pitta. The devil is in the detail, I need to be clearer. Grain flour = ‘bread’.

Bed to desk is so handy, no traffic, no stress but for some, there is a loss of steps. Some of us work in our kitchen. When the stress hits, you are alone, no little chats with colleagues to calm you down. No Craic.

Moving back into the office opens up the world of sandwich shops, snacks and biscuits etc with coffee breaks. Every change has a knock-on effect on our eating.

Some clients have re-joined their gym. I might think I deserve more food! (note, put carb in before a muscle workout to help them work hard and repair afterwards – 50ml of orange juice in water is perfect, sipping throughout the workout.)

Clients are working longer hours at home and this has a knock-on effect on their desire to exercise, to cook and mental exhaustion. My husband started to work until 8pm and I followed….I didn’t notice it until the back pain crept back in.

A change in weather has a big effect on our appetite, we are into the swing of soups, curries, stir-fries and might struggle to remember what Summer food is like for a week or more. Change needs planning.

Kids being off school is a shock to the primary carer’s routine. Many of my Dublin clients move towards the sea for the Summer months. One client takes a caravan every year and knows her neighbours well. It is a great gathering every night. She notices this change on the scales after the holiday BUT is prepared for it this year. No throwing caution to the wind because the outcome is a well-known event.

You are in the Weight-Loss Phase now so buckle in, grit the teeth and commit. You want this.

There are 7 days in a week 

Small things add up with every step, bite and behaviour making a big difference.

There is no holiday during the weight-loss phase and it is only a tiny % of your lifetime.

There is a normal holiday once you get to goal weight. 

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