A Keto Salad

One of the issues with Keto is that people tend to constipate. I have selected what I think are the best veggies to use.


One Serving  (4 options)

95g breast of chicken.    5g Carb, 33g Protein, 23g Fat, 347 Kcals , 3g Fibre

 100g Feta                              7g Carb, 16g Protein, 38g Fat, 441 Kcals , 3g Fibre

 50g grated cheddar         5g Carb, 21g Protein, 43g Fat, 511 Kcals , 6g Fibre

70g smoked mackerel fillet & 30g feta            5g Carb, 24g Protein, 45g Fat, 535 Kcals , 3g Fibre


Makes 6 to 7 servings

70g 1/2 head white chicory leaf,

70g 2 celery stalks,

200g red cabbage,

80g 1 carrot,

245g -2 baby gem lettuce,

200g tin (130g drained) Edamame beans 30g

30g, 1/4 of a red onion,

lemon juice and zest

Protein Options




Smoked mackerel & feta

FRENCH DRESSING – see dressings recipes


See video above