Baked Fish with Salad or Vegetables

Sea Bass is a white fish, lean and rich in protein and minerals. They are farmed fish. A small one cost me €6 in Dunnes Stores and a large one cost me €10 at my fishmongers. The large one can be split between 2 people. They yield 200g to 350g or more of beautiful fish and are easy to prepare. The fishmonger will gut it, removing the head the tail and all you the to do is wash and bake.

I feel like I am on holiday when I eat fish whole!

You can make the ratatouille with or without a jar of sauce. Both options included in the videos.


Lunch Serving 100g fish: 14g Carb    303 Kcals   Protein: 24g  Fat: 17g   Fibre 5g

Dinner Serving 200g fish: 14g Carb    471 Kcals   Protein: 44g  Fat: 27g   Fibre 5g


Lunch: a small  Sea Bass between 2 (100g each)

Dinner: a large seabags between 2 (200g each)

Ratatouille ( 1 serving)

4g, 1 tsp olive oil

60g, half a courgette

50g, 1/4 of a green pepper,

50g, 1/4 of a red pepper,

25g, half a small onion

1 garlic clove

handful fresh parsley

85g, 1/4 of a 35og jar of Lloyd Grossman Tomato & Chilli sauce


  • pre-Heat the oven to 180
  • The fishmonger will have gutted and cleaned the fish.
  • I put the fish under a cold running tap and washed it then dried it with kitchen paper. Make a few cuts on the outer skin. Then rub olive oil onto the skin of the fish, stick a few think slices of lemon into the cuts you have made and place on an oiled baking tray.
  • Bake for 20 minutes. Switch the oven to grill and grill for 3 to 5 mins to slightly brown the skin.
  • When you serve it, the skin comes away easily as does the bone from the centre, just lift it away. Eat it as a sharing plate with the bigger fish.
  • You will get other bones as you eat the meat but the benefit of this is that it slows down fast eaters. 🙂
  • Serve with a fresh salad or steamed veg.


Sauce the oil in a large frying pan

Chop all the veg and add to the pan, put a lid on and let them gentle soften on a low heat while the fish cooks

When the fish is ready and grilling, add the sauce to the pan and heat it through.