Basil Pesto

Pesto is the Mediterranean diet at its best. Olive oil, uncooked, with fresh herb and nuts. We use small amounts because of the cheese (animal ) fat content.

Makes 1 servings

One serving 34g: 1g Carb  170 Kcals  Protein 5g    Fat 16g    Fibre 0g

Dunnes shop-bought 130g tube of pesto :

1/4 of the tub 32.5g : 0.7g Carb  118 Kcals  Protein 2.75g    Fat 11.5g    Fibre 0.2g


Makes 10 serving

80g fresh basil leaves

100g Parmesan cheese

10g 2 garlic cloves

50g pine nuts

100ml x-tra virgin olive oil


I shop-buy rather than make my own but of you grow basil, this would be a lovely sauce to make.

Use the leaves of the basil only – tear them gently and add to a food processor with grated cheese, garlic and pine nuts.

Now add the oil bit and bit, while the blender is running (if you have a little feeder tube) to reach a consistency you like. There should be no need for salt as parmesan is quite salty. Add black pepper.

To make sure the pesto stores for longer in the fridge, store in a sterilised glass jar and cover the surface with oil that sits on top and have a tight fitting lid.