Breakfast Egg Wrap

This is a good grab and go breakfast, especially if you have pre-boiled eggs. You are set up for the day with a good protein start, a little carbohydrate and healthy greens.

One Serving:  Carb 3g  524 Kcals

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
7g 27g 3g 41g


1 keto roll

2 medium eggs – boiled, poached, fried or scrambled

10g grated hard cheese

30g, Handful of spinach or rocket

10g heaped teaspoon mayonnaise

35, a small tomato

Black pepper, fresh chives


Cook the eggs whichever way you prefer. If you prefer your spinach cooked, lightly steam the leaves in a small frying pan with a little boiling water and the lid on.


I fried the eggs, turned them then put the spinach on top of the eggs. to protect the nutrients from heat loss.

Add your eggs and greens ton top of the roll and top with mayonnaise and grated cheese,  Add a pinch of black pepper or chopped fresh chives.

Chop a small tomato.