Chicken or Prawn Bombay Coleslaw with Apple

This Winter Slaw is filling and a great source of fibre and anti-oxidants

This recipe contains liver-friendly foods – olive oil, lemon juice,  provitamin A in carrot and anthocyanins in red cabbage. It is very filling  & tasty.



One Serving of Slaw:   Carb 11g    Fibre 6g  Kcals 66  Protein 2g Fat 2g



makes 4 servings

250g finely sliced red cabbage

250g finely sliced white cabbage

100g grated carrot

100g green tart apple, grated

40g, finely chopped fennel

40f, 2 Spring onion, cut diagonally

Fresh parsley & coriander, finely chopped

a little fresh red chilli, sliced diagonally, thinly



1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

a drizzle of chicory syrup

1 heaped teaspoon wholegrain mustard

1 to 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

1 to 2 teaspoons fresh orange juice

Salt & black pepper



You can add roasted chicken drumsticks and thigh or prawns


Coleslaw – makes 850g

One serving is 212g 

Simply, chop, slice and grate the vegetables and mix them together, leaving the apple until last as it will brown

Mix the dressing ingredients together and add to the vegetables and mix together

Optional: Top with dry-toasted seeds flavoured with Indian or Thai spices

  1. Dry-fry the spices for about 2 minutes at 7 on induction hob – move the frying pan about mid-time to evenly toast the spices. There will be smoke but do not burn the spice. Add the seeds or nuts and toast lightly.



A perfect lunch as they are ready in a flash.