A Chocolate Shake

Chocolate has a reputation as a mood lifter and we may crave it to lift our mood. Cacao powder has its own natural carbohydrates (26g per 100g) but this raw form of powder is unsweetened by man.

The health benefits come from the Flavonoids, especially the proanthocyanides, and they can make up to 10% of the dried weight of the powder. This is incredible and enormously helpful for cholesterol management, heart health and blood pressure management.

Tahini is sesame seed paste, an excellent source of mono-unsaturated fats and minerals with good B1 and B2. The lignin content helps cholesterol management and constipation.


One Serving :      8g Carb         30g Protein,   26g Fat,    6g Fibre,      381 kcals


1 Serving

20g Cacao Powder (22g carb per 100g)

20g Whey Powder (1g carb per 25g) 

30g Tahini

400ml mineral water

50g Glenisk Greek Yoghurt (2g carb per 50g)

Optional – heaped teaspoon Slippery Elm Powder



Blend all the ingredients and serve.