Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate has good nutrients as long as you choose one with low sugar and high cocoa. Egg whites are a great protein, these are raw in the recipe so choose organic product. I initially made a lower carb mousse using just dark 85% chocolate but this one is so much better and this is designed as a weekend treat and a luxury dessert.

Total Recipe: Carb 56g   Kcal 740  Protein 20g Fat 44g Fibre 18g

This makes 4 servings

One Serving: Carb 14g   Kcal 185  Protein 5g Fat 11g Fibre 4.5g


60g of dark Chocolate (70% Lindt I used )

50g Lindt flavoured chocolate (Mint, Orange etc) I used orange with almond.

10g of the flavoured chocolate in small chunks and grated on top

120g, 4 egg whites

1 tsp lemon juice, fresh

20g chicory syrup


Melt the chocolate in a pan over boiling water.

Whip the eggs to a soft peak using an electric whisk, add the lemon juice and chicory and then whip to a firm peak

Take the chocolate off the heat, cool slightly, add 1/3 of the egg white and mix in with a spatula vigorously then add the remaining egg until you reach a smooth shiny mousse.

Serve between the 4 glasses.

Drop the small chunks of chocolate on top and then lightly push them under the surface as a surprise when you eat it.

Refridgerate for 2 hours.

Add a dusting of chocolate on top before serving and you can add a strawberry and/ or cream

Chill for 2 hours in the fridge.

Serve with natural yoghurt or cream & strawberry.