Coconut Granola with live cultures

Gut Bacteria play an important role in weight loss. After a holiday or period of over-indulgence, sugar and processed foods upset the balance in the gut. This breakfast is designed to nourish and rebuild the gut after a holiday.

Servings: 1

1 Serving:

Without Lizi’s granola: 10g Carb  Protein 8g Fat 27g Fibre 7g Kcals 318

With Lizi’s Granola: 19g Carb  Protein 10g. Fat 33g Fibre 8g Kcals 420

Note: there is 2g less carb is you choose passionfruit over pomegranate


100g low-fat ‘live’ natural yoghurt

50ml, fermented Kefir – coconut-based

1/8 of, 20g  pomegranate seeds or half a passionfruit

10g, 2 level tsps whole flaxseeds

10g, dried desiccated coconut

10g, 2 tsps Milled flax, pumpkin, sunflower seeds by Linwoods

optional: 20g, 3 teaspoons Lizi’s Original granola


Build up the ingredients, in a small bowl and keep the crunchy granola at the top to maintain crunch. 

You can prepare a few bowls in advance and add the granola when you are eating one.