Colourful Salad with topping varieties and sauce

Colourful Salad

If you are working from home, this is like having a canteen, where you choose from a selection of fresh veggies every day for your salad and choose a topping.  Vegetables provide the broadest range of nutrients and phytochemicals, especially fibre and carotenes, than any other food source. In their raw form, you get the max  nutrient concentration from some while others such as cabbage, broccoli, kale are better eaten cooked.

One serving is 80g. I recommend eating 5 servings of fresh vegetables per day.


One Salad  Serving: 7 Carb  167kcal  Protein 4  Fat 14  Fibre 5

One Sauce Serving: 1.3C

One Protein Serving: see below

Vegetables: 2.2 servings vegetables



80g, very large handful of green leaves – Cos, Spinach, red leaf

10g, 3 finger pinch grated carrot

10g 2 to 3 slices of red pepper

20g, 2 cherry tomatoes sliced into 8 pieces

5g, 1 thin ring of small onion

40g, (1/4 of avocado)4 tsps of mashed avocado in little lemon juice and black pepper

10g, 1 large olive or 2 small

10g, 2 teaspoons dry toasted sunflower & sesame seeds with cumin spice and chilli flakes


Thai Salad Sauce

100g, 3/4 of a large red pepper

10g Hatcho Miso gel/paste

30ml, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

15ml, 1 tablespoon of wine vinegar

5ml, 1 teaspoon sesame oil

juice of 1 lime


Prepare all your salad ingredients and select a variety, either mixing it all together or layering it, depending on how you like it to look. I’m a mixer.

In the picture on the left, I suggest preparing a 3 to 4 day supply of salad and change the protein topping at lunch or dinner.

Add any of the below proteins to your salad and add the individual Carb content to the salad carb content above. e.g. one salad serving with Halloumi cheese is a total 8C

Choose from 7 Protein Toppings

  1. 70g, 5 thin slices Halloumi cheese fried in 5ml olive oil

1g C  Kcal 241  Protein 17  Fat 19  Fibre 1


2. 70g Feta Cheese

1g C  Kcal 175  Protein 11  Fat 14  Fibre 0


3. 40g Cheddar Cheese

goC Kcal 166 Protein 10g   Fat 14 Fibre 0


4. 50g, 1 breast free-range chicken, thinly sliced and freid in 5ml olive oil with cajun spice

0g C  Kcal 74  Protein 16  Fat 1  Fibre o


4. 1 boiled medium egg (60g)

0g C  Kcal 79  Protein 8  Fat 5  Fibre 0


5. 50g Smoked Salmon

0g C  Kcal 92  Protein 11  Fat 5  Fibre 0


6. 45g, 1/4 of a  smoked mackerel

0g C  Kcal 110 Protein 9  Fat 9  Fibre 0

To Make the Thai Sauce

Makes 150ml sauce

One serving -(25ml ) = 1.3C

Total Recipe: 8 Carb, 371 Kcal, Protein 3   Fat 36  Fibre 3

Pre-Heat the oven to 180 and roast the red pepper skin side up, on a grill tray for about 10 minutes until you see the skin wrinkle a little

  1. Chop the pepper up a little to help it blend. Using a blender add all the ingredients and blitz
  2. Taste and add more lime or vinegar if you want it tarter
  3. Cool and store in a glass jar.

Mix with green leaves or use as a dip for chicken or fish