Eggs Rashers & Mushrooms

Turkey Rashers are possibly healthier than pork rashers depending on how the animals are raised – the turkey rashers are lower in fat.  James Whelan butchers sells finely sliced quality turkey rashers. This recipe is calculated using pork rashers

1 Serving: Carbs 3g (turkey) Carbs 4g (Pork)   355 kcals  (turkey rashers) 533 kcal (pork rashers)

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
2g 39g 3-4g 20g – 40g


2 eggs, medium

1 teaspoon olive oil (5ml)

2 smoked turkey or bacon rashers (100g)

120g Mushrooms

Fresh parsley or tarragon sprinkled over the mushrooms

Butter to fry mushrooms


Turn on the grill to pre-heat

Fry the mushrooms in butter and put on the plate, storing in the grill to keep warm.

Grill the bacon (7 mins) or turkey rashers (check packaging)

Fry, scramble or poach the 2 eggs and sprinkle with fresh herb