Full Irish Breakfast

A full Irish and believe me you will feel full after this breakfast, especially with the Keto roll added. You get a whopping 12g fibre.  Jane Russell produces 96% pork sausages and they are very tasty. You are paying for ethically raised pork and it is the pork that costs the money in comparison to other sausages which are packed with fillers such as /flour/bread.

1 Serving: Carbs 7g    549 kcals

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
12g 33g 7g 42g


1 egg, medium

1 teaspoon olive oil (5ml)

36g, 1 whiskey glazed dry cured rasher

37g, 1 Jane Russell 96% Pork Sausage

100g Mushrooms, diced into quarters

10g, Butter to fry mushrooms

100g Spinach, washed

Dried oregano herb


You need 2 frying pans.

Fry the sausage and rasher in the same pan initially on high heat and reduce to moderate when they start to brown – a non stick requires just a spray of oil and the sausage when you prick it releases fats.

Add oil to the other larger pan on a medium heat and add the egg – after a few seconds throw the fresh spinach on top and add the chopped mushrooms around the sides. Dried oregano herb is lovely sprinkled on the mushrooms. Put a lid on briefly to sweat the spinach and mushroom. When you flip the egg, the spinach will go underneath  and is close to wilting. The egg will cook a little bit slower on top giving you time.

Some people prefer to add the egg to the meat pan where is takes on a browner look from the sausage fat.

Lightly toast your keto roll on top of the toaster, cutting it in half as it is cold from the fridge.