Goats Cheese Salad

I did a blog recently on B Vitamins and reminded myself how important folic acid is to keep us healthy, especially during a stressful time. Using lovely green leaves like Lambs lettuce gives about 11ug of folic acid per 80g.

Chicory (see pic below) is a fantastic prebiotic for the gut, feeding the gut bacteria who produce  short chain fatty acids to  rebuild a strong gut wall. Again important during stressful times.

Goats ramble freely and are a lean animal. I saw this cheese, with flowers pressed into it and it looks so great, I tried it. We eat with our eyes and the plate of food looked great with this cheese at the centre. I got it from Fresh Avenue in Ballinteer, Dublin.

One Serving:   7g Carb   322 kcals

One Serving

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
2g 12g 7g 28g


Makes 1 serving

40g Lambs Lettuce

40g chicory

20g, 3 cherry tomatoes, cubed

10g, 5 dry toasted Pecan nuts

25g, quarter of an apple, grated or small chunks,

10g, half a rasher, with fat removed

50g Goats Cheese

1.5 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

1.5 tsps apple cider vinegar

black pepper


Take the outer leaves off the chicory and use a knife to take out the bitter root end.

Chop it finely.

Wash the lettuce leaves and dry well with a tea towel or lettuce spinner.

Dry fry a rasher and remove the fat trim and tail. Divide between 2 people

Chop the cherry tomatoes into quarters, they look better

Dry fry the pecans in the frying pan – literally takes seconds each side

Chop half a Pink Lady apple and divide the half between 2 people yielding 25g each. Drizzle the apple with lemon juice as soon as you cut it to stop it going brown.

Chop the goats cheese to yield 50g.

Mix the oil, vinegar and black pepper together in a little glass jar and as soon as you have put all the salad ingredients together, drizzle over the dressing.