Parmesan-baked Edamame beans 

Makes 1 Servings 

One Serving: 3g Carb  Kcals 198   Protein: 16g.  Fat 13g.  Fibre 5g

  • 100g Edamame Beans, frozen
  • 10g Parmesan Cheese
  • 4g, 1 teaspoon olive oil & a sprinkle of salt
  • cayenne chilli or chilli flakes

Edamame beans are a type of soyabean, high in fibre (isoflavones), good protein content and low in carbohydrate making them an ideal snack on our meal plan. Dunnes stores sell them in the frozen section. They are tasteless and need flavouring. Parmesan, chilli and salt are 3 great flavours


Weigh out 100g of beans, its a small handful and rinse them in a sieve under a tap to de-frost them. Cold water works.

Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees

Rub 1 small teaspoon of olive oil onto the tray and put the beans on top and grate half of the parmesan over the beans. Sprinkle some chilli on top if you like chilli.

Bake for 10 mins. Then take them out of the oven briefly and mix them around the tray, grating the remainder of the parmesan on top. They are done at 15 mins. Add a little salt to serve.

Healthy Ice-Cream

Makes 2 Servings (50g x 2)

One Serving: 7g  Carb.   Kcals 82.   Protein: 2.5g.  Fat 5g.   Fibre 1.5g

  • Small 110g Banana (skin-on), 66g (without skin) , peeled, sliced and frozen
  • 15g, 2 teaspoons of almond  or peanut  butter
  • 35 ml, 3 tablespoons coconut or almond milk, unsweetened

Optional flavours

5g Cacao Powder (chocolate flavour) 8g Carb, 91 kcals.  Protein 3g. Fat 5g Fibre 2g

Lemon Extract (Neilsen Massey) or Vanilla Extract

Optional Toppings

2g cacao nibs 0g Carb, 12 kcal. 0g protein  1g Fat 0g Fibre

Frozen berries

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium (fluid balance & BP), B6 (hormone balance, stress and sleep) and Vitamin C. They are a high sugar fruit with good pectin fibre and deliver valuable nutrients like B2, Magnesium and Biotin.

I used almond butter and unsweetened almond milk as they are good for cholesterol management. The Cacao powder adds additional magnesium and copper and flavonoids that protect blood vessels.

You could top your breakfast grain-free nutty granola with this.


Slice and freeze your banana the day before.

In a small food processor or blender, whizz up the banana, and nut butter with 2 tablespoons of milk. I gradually added the milk and it blended down to a smooth ice-cream looking texture.

Add your choice of flavours or eat it as it is with a distinctive banana flavour.

A breakfast or Snack on the move

One Serving 

Strawberry:     7g Carb    Kcal230    Protein 28g    Fat 10g    Fibre 3g

Banana:          17g Carb    kcal 266    Protein 28g    Fat 10g    Fibre 1g

Ingredients: 30g Whey, 250ml coconut or almond milk, unsweetened, 80g strawberries or 75g skin-less banana, ice and filtered water.


You can take this in the car with you. Whey is a great source of glutamine, a protein that helps gut cells to heal and white blood cells to protect. Try to buy a whey that is not full  of ingredients you don’t understand, so the least ingredients added the better. I try to avoid sweeteners as well which is almost impossible!

Something sweet for after a Meal

Sorbet one serving 20g: 21 kcals

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
0g 0g 5g 0g

The ‘posh’ restaurants use sorbet to clean the palate. I frequently hear clients saying they want and need something sweet after a meal. This is the perfect choice for Summer months. Suited to both my weight loss programmes. Reduce the portion to 10g if you do not have the spare carb in your target.

Carrot Oat Bran Muffin

1 muffin: 156 kcals

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
5.3g 6.2g 10g 9.5g

If you slip-up when visiting a coffee shop, you need a low-carb yet tasty replacement treat. This is the healthiest muffin I have made so far. Feel free to experiment with different seeds, berries and flavouring. I keep them in the fridge and warm them up before eating.


Tomato, Basil Pesto & Mozzarella

2 pieces: 84 Calories (Keto roll not included)

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
1 g 4g 2g 7g

1 medium tomato sliced into 4 slices –  each slice is approx 25g

10g slice of mozzarella

2g, small piece of basil pesto (in the fridge is hardens)

Prepare and leave on a plate at room temperature.


You can enjoy as a tapas side with a Keto lunch roll.

Hummus  & Crudities


Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
1-5 g 5-6g 13-15g 11g

50g low-fat hummus (2 teaspoons) & 2 rice cakes (thicker ones)


70g Hummus POT with raw vegetables

A healthy plant-based snack, very filling and you can add any herbs or spices to create new flavours. Beans & Veg are a great sources of fibre and hummus  is made using  non-heated vegetable oils (omega 6) or olive oil (omega 9).

Low Sugar Fruit

The APP has all the nutritional details to help you choose.

Fruit contains vitamins, is water-rich and is sweet. It is the ideal snack. On a Low Carb food plan choose the low sugar fruit. You can stew it and add yoghurt or cream.

43g 1 passionfruit  – 2g Carb

1 fresh fig- 3g Carb

80g Blackberries/raspberries – 4g Carb

80g 1 small clementine  – 5g Carb

80g Strawberries – 5g Carb

80g Melon honeydew – 5g Carb

Celery Stick with Nut Butter or Cream Cheese

Nut Butter : Carb 2g       Kcals 133

Cream Cheese: Carbs 3g Kcals 116

Tzatziki : 124kcals

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
3g/1g 5g/3g 2g/3g 11g

Celery is an excellent source of potassium to help fluid balance and pH.

45g, 1 stick of celery

20g Almond Butter OR 50g Cream cheese OR 50g Tzatziki

Check your packet of Tzatziki for Carb level.

Sweet or Savoury Pancakes

A) Berries & Yoghurt Option: Carb 12g           Kcals 243      Protein 11g      Fat 16g   Fibre 4g

B) Goats Cheese & Rocket :    Carb 9g    Kcals 263   Protein 14g.   Fat 19g    Fibre 3g

C) Ham & Cheddar Cheese & Rocket :  Carb 9g   Kcals 331   Protein 23g   Fat 22g.  Fibre 3g

On a hungry day, this breakfast could become a snack.

Pancake Ingredients: 1.5 tablespoons (15g) Oat Bran, (30g) full fat Greek Yoghurt or cream cheese1 medium egg, 1 teaspoon (6g) flax seeds (whole), (4g) 2 x 2g butter

Method: Crack an egg into the bowel.  Add 15g of Oat Bran Add 30g of yoghurt, which is about a dessert spoon full. Using a hand whisk, mix it all together until you see a few bubbles. Grease a small non-stick pan with a little butter (2g x 2g if cooking 2 pancakes). You can make 2 small pancakes or 1 big one. Pour in the mixture at gas mark 7, and allow to sit and cook for 1 min at least before moving. Shake the pan lightly  to ensure the mixture does not stick. Lightly lift the pancake at the side of the pan to see if it is ready for flipping. Repeat for the second pancake. Smaller pancakes cook faster and look like more food on a plate.

When you flip it, top the cooked side with your topping of cheese, berry or ham to slightly warm them too.

Topping Options

A) 40g berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries) with 30g yoghurt

B) 20g Goats Cheese with 12g Rocket and lemon juice

C) 35g, sliced ham with 20g grated cheese & 20g rocket (cheddar used in this recipe)


Servings: 1

Cheese stuffed Pepper

Calories: 129

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
3 g 3g 7g 10g

80g , 1 washed and de-seeded sweet red pointed pepper stuffed with 40g cream cheese, 4 black olives and 20g iceberg crunchy lettuce. This is incredibly tasty if you roast it and add a little chilli…..

Turkey or Chicken Pate

Makes 4 servings (50g x 4)

One Serving: Carb 1.5g   Kcal 153   (crackers or crudities not included)

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
0.25g 16g 1.5g 9.2g

This is an alternative to a fish pate. Turkey is a great source of tryptophan, a protein used to make serotonin which controls our mood, sleep appetite and sex drive. I like to enjoy it not just as a Christmas food.

Ingredients: 200g raw turkey/chicken mince, 30g onion, finely chopped, 2 sprigs of rosemary,

(23ml) 1.5 tablespoon olive oil, 50g cream cheese and lemon juice


Add 1 tablespoon (15ml) of the olive oil to the frying pan and add the chopped herb of your choice (I used rosemary)  and the onion. Allow to soften. Add the mince and cook it through, then leave to cool. Blitz the cooked meat in a food processor, adding the cream cheese, remaining 8ml of virgin olive oil and lemon juice.  Season with salt and pepper. You can add additional fresh herb, like parsley. Enjoy with low-carb crackers or crudities.

Smoked Mackerel Pate


Calories:  176    1 ramekin of pate (crackers not included)

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
1.4g 12g 2g 13.5g

This recipe delivers a hit of omega 3 & protein.

Mix the following ingredients together in a blender

75g, 1 smoked mackerel fillet, skin removed, 50g, soft cheese low-fat, pinch nutmeg,, pinch nutmeg – taste then add more by taste preference, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, black pepper

Divide into 2 ramekins. Refrigerate. Serve with a pinch cayenne chilli pepper on top.

Serve with sides of celery sticks, watercress leaves and  rice cakes. Sides not included in calorie count.

Alternatively you can buy Salmon Mousse. William Carr do a range – 50g = 170 kcal, Carb 0.7g, Protein 3.15g, Fat 2g, Fibre 0g

Chilli Avocado lemony Spread

Calories: 136

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
3g 1g 2g 14g

Thanks to Catherine for this recipe!. She enjoys it Friday evening on a Keto Cracker.

70g, half avocado, skin removed and roughly mashed with a fork

half lemon, squeezed

A red chilli, chopped very finely with the seeds removed

Method: Mash the 3 ingredients together. Refridgerate.

Dark Chocolate

One Serving: 10g square of 70%.  57 Calories

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
0g 1g 3g 4g

Personally I love Lindt. You decide your %. Start at 70% and move up overtime. Your palate will change. If you persist, you will eventually prefer dark to milk chocolate.

Homemade Chocolate Nut & Seed Sweets

Makes 32 sweets.       One Sweet:  0.75g Carb Kcal 58

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
1g 2g 0.75g 5g

I make these in my ice cube trays and store them in the freezer.

Ingredients: 80g of 90% dark chocolate, 120g Linwood Milled Flaxseed, Sunflower & Pumpkin seed Mix, 30g, 2 heaped teaspoons Tahini Sesame Seed Spread, 60g, 4 heaped teaspoons of Smooth Almond Butter, 20g 4 teaspoons Cacao Nibs

Method: Melt the dark chocolate in a broiler (bowl over boiling water), add the nut butter, tahini and mix well. Remove from the heat and add the rest of the ingredients. Then using a hot spoon/s, laden the mixture into the ice cube tray and freeze.

A small knife inserted into the edge of the tray, pops a sweet easily out when you want a snack.

Dark Chocolate & Blanched Hazelnuts

One Serving:  Carb 2g. Kcals 123

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
1g 3g 2g 11g

This is like the bars of nut chocolate

10 blanched crunchy Hazelnuts (selling in Dunnes & Supervalu)

10g, 1 square 85% dark chocolate

Cheese, Nuts, Olives

One Serving:  Carb 0g. Kcals 115

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
2g 4g 0g 11g

The ideal Friday Night Nibble

40g large olives in Brine with 10g chunk of Vintage Cheddar and 5g of crunchy Hazelnuts (5)

If you have spare carb left over from your day, add a few grapes  to alkalise this snack.

Chocolate Mousse

One Serving:  Carb 14g Kcals 185

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
4.5g 5g 14g 11g

Chocolate has good nutrients as long as you choose one with low sugar and high cocoa content. Egg whites are a great protein, buy organic whites.

Use a really nice glass to serve it and decorate with a strawberry. Full Recipe HERE

Total Recipe: Carb 56g   Kcal 740  Protein 20g Fat 44g Fibre 18g

This recipe makes 4 servings

Nairn Oatcakes with Nut Butter

One Serving:  Carb 8g Kcal 143

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
2g 5g 8g 10g

Oats are a great source of soluble fibre for cholesterol management. If you don’t like porridge, this is a great way to enjoy oats. Unfortunately they tend to packed in portions of 4 to 5 oatcakes together so be careful to take your portion out and put the pack away.

One Serving: 2 Oatcakes and 10g of Almond Butter

Toast Crackers with Cheese

One Serving:  Carb 5g Kcal 148

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
1g 8g 5g 11g

The Foods of Athenry do a range of Toasts (crackers) that are lovely with cheese, pate, savoury mousse and other toppings.I chose them as they are trans-fat free.  For this snack I used the Honeyed Almond and Rosemary cracker with Dubliner Vintage Cheddar cheese. I added a fresh fig but that is optional. You may wish to add other fruit such as 2 to 3 grapes.

One Serving: 4 crackers, 25g cheese

‘KIND’ Snack Bar

30g Sea Salt & dark Chocolate   Carb 7.2g.  Kcals 157.     Protein: 5.1g    Fat:11g.    Fibre 3.9g

30g Caramel Almond & Sea Salt.   Carb 5.7g.  Kcals 158.     Protein: 4.8g    Fat:12g.    Fibre 5.4g

In 2020 they adjusted the carb content down in some of these snack bars from 17g to 10g in the 50g bars. More recently I found a box set of 3 x 30g bars in SuperValu. These are ideal if you are travelling or caught  having a healthy option in a coffee shop. Keep some in your car and bag/briefcase.

Oatwell Balls

One Serving:  13g carb   Kcal 157

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
17g 5g 13g 6g

I did not particurlary enjoy these! I found them in Holland and Barrett. However they have good fibres in them for cholesterol management. They can cause wind as the little pack supplies a whopping 17g of fibre so avoid if you have IBS or digestive disorder.


However I am included them in this list as they are a useful snack to have if you frequent coffee shops and need a small bite.

A boiled Egg

One Serving:  64g medium egg.  84 Kcal

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
0g 9g 0g 5g

Eggs are a complete protein (the gold standard of all protein foods). They are filling as they have protein and fat content.

I add my egg to cold water, bring to the boil quickly, boil for 1 minute then simmer very gently for 4 minutes and then leave in the water off the hob for another 2 minutes. I like my egg solid but not too hard. Run under a cold tap and store them for 4 to 5 days in a cool place.

Homemade Keto Crackers

Makes 10 servings   (160g)

One serving 16g : Carb 1.8g     Calories: 90

One Serving

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
2.2g 4g 1.8g 7.3g

The recipe is on this link page –

Keto Crackers

Stewed Apple & Berries with Nutty Yoghurt


One Serving: Carb 11g   Kcals 220

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
5g 5g 11g 17g

A healthy but creamy dessert with cold yoghurt, warm fruit and toasted cinnamon almond bites.

Note, when Rhubarb is in season, use it with the apple.

Serves 4

200g peeled cooking apple

30g x 4, Berries of your choice, including Passionfruit

100g x 4, Thick Green natural Live Yoghurt

10g x 4, almond bites

3g x 4, a drizzle of Chicory Syrup

Stew the Apple and add the berries briefly to soften them. Toast the nuts on a dry frying pan, sprinkling with cinnamon. Watch them carefully as they burn easily. Drizzle the chicory on top of the finished serving.