A Pectin & Seed Yoghurt Breakfast

Keto certainly delivers fast weight loss if run it on your first day back from holiday for 3 to 4 days however Keto can constipate so it is imperative to keep your fibre levels up to 20g or better still 30g. Seen as we are cutting out carbs, this is a challenge.

I added 10ml of liquid pectin to this recipe and estimate fibre to be 3g

Try this breakfast, make sure you hydrate well when you up your fibre.

1 Serving: 12g Carb    Kcals 435

Servings: 1











1 Serving

50g Greek full fat Glenisk Yoghurt

50g Alpro Plain Coconut Yoghurt

10g, 2 teaspoons desiccated dried coconut

20g, 2 teaspoons Chia Seeds

10g, 2 teaspoons flaxseeds

40g, small handful of fresh berries (raspberries)

10ml, liquid Pectin (Certo brand used)

15g, the skin of a small apple, chopped finely

5g, 1 teaspoon chicory syrup, drizzled

optional: zest of an unwaxed lemon.


I mixed the 2 yoghurts together and mixed in the dried coconut

I then added the seeds – chia and flax

I mashed the raspberries and added the liquid pectin to them to create a jam like consistence. You could add the chicory syrup to this mix or drizzle the syrup on top.

I dry-toasted the almond flakes in a little frying pan and added cinnamon on top (if you like it). You can prepare these in bulk, cool them and store them in a glass jar for easy access.

I topped the dish with the almond flakes and apple skin.