Juicy Asian Chicken Burgers

Clients complain of getting tired of chicken. It is a lean protein and it often overused but it is meat that takes flavours very well so I jazzed up an Asian Chicken dish.  This recipe is fresh and tangy in flavour and very easy to make. The choice of salad or stir-fry make it versatile for lunch or dinner

Chicken is a great source of tryptophan  to support mood and sleep regulation BUT  try to buy free-range always and take 2 meat-free days a week to help bowel health and animal welfare.

Burger Only : Carb 3g                Calories: 251

Servings: 1        3 patties or 1 large burger

One Serving

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
1g 25g 3g 16g


125g, chicken or turkey mince meat

10g, Green or Red Thai Curry Paste (Thai Gold brand)

15g  fresh coriander

10ml, 2 teaspoon soy sauce

Lime Juice (fresh)

10g, 2 teaspoon coconut fat


You can use a shop-bought paste such as Thai-Gold or buy fresh flavourings and blend as follows – In a little blender, blitz fresh chilli, ginger, garlic, coriander with the lime juice.

Add the raw chicken or turkey and all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix well together.

Roll out the mixture onto a very large sheet of baking paper placed over an oven tray.  I used a small scone cutter as a shaper for the burgers.

Spoon the mix into a scone cutter shape, forming a burger shape of your desired size. Once all the burgers are ready, cover over with more baking paper and place in the fridge for 20 minutes or more allowing ingredients to marinade

Add the coconut fat to a hot heavy-bottomed frying pan at high heat and add the burgers. Turn quickly to seal in juices on both sides and then reduce the heat to cook the burgers at a medium heat, turning frequently.

Cook for  4 to 5 minutes each side until nicely browned and cooked through. The larger burger will take longer to cook – 10 mins.


Serve with  either a salad or stir-fry – Weigh your choice of vegetables and add to your APP

For example

1 Asian Stir-Fry – choose green beans, thin slices red or green pepper, stir-fried in soy sauce and a little water and when cooked, drain the veg, plate up and sprinkle a few dashes of sesame oil (1 tsp 5g) on top of the veg and stir through.


2 Asian Salad – a little grated carrot, grated courgette, diced pepper, a slice of red onion,  mixed with dressing of  lime and  sesame oil.