Keto Egg Roll

This reminds me of a  fried breakfast takeaway from a corner cafe in London after a night out! I prepare it in 4 minutes.  I got this Keto Bread roll recipe online from Diet Doctor and I bake up a double recipe –  12 rolls and they last in the fridge for a week. I lightly toast them before I add the topping.

One Serving: Carb 3g      Kcals  389

The Keto Roll recipe is posted separately under breakfasts

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
7g 23g 3g 30g


1 Keto roll

40g Spinach

1 medium egg

10g butter

35g 1 slice lean ham


  1. REmove you keto roll from the fridge and gently heat on top of a toaster whil you cook the rest. I slice the roll in half and toast it on rather than in the toaster.
  2. Add 10g butter to a small frying pan
  3. Crack in an egg
  4. Place the raw large handful of washed spinach on top and gently lay the slice of ham on top of the spinach
  5. Time cooking will depend on how hard you want your egg
  6. Remove the ham and flip over the egg – the spinach is already wilting but now very quickly cooks . Place the ham slice back on.
  7. Cut the frying pans content in half and top each half of the roll.