Pancake with Sweet or Savoury

Some cold mornings, I want to eat something hot and soft and I might fancy sweet or savory. My pancakes include the fibre from Oat Bran which is proven to help maintain healthy bowels and manage cholesterol levels.

Clients with high cholesterol, please include this recipe for breakfast instead of the ‘fries’ some days during the week.

Men double the pancake ingredients and therefore the nutrients below

Pancake only (exc. seeds):  Carb 9g. Kcal 199.  Protein 10g Fat 13g Fibre 2g

A) Berries & Yoghurt Option: Carb 11g           Kcals 258      Protein 13g      Fat 17g   Fibre 4g

B) Goats Cheese & Rocket :    Carb 9g    Kcals 266   Protein 15g.   Fat 18g    Fibre 3g

C) Ham & Cheddar Cheese & Rocket :  Carb 9g   Kcals 324   Protein 23g   Fat 21g.  Fibre 3g

Servings: 1


Female Portion. Men make double Portion.

1.5 tablespoons (15g) Oat Bran,

(20g) full fat Greek Yoghurt

1 medium egg,

(4g) 2 x 2g butter

Optional: 1 teaspoon (6g) flax seeds (whole),


Topping Options

A) 40g berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries) with 30g yoghurt

B) 20g Goats Cheese with 12g Rocket and lemon juice

C) 35g, sliced ham with 20g grated cheese & 20g rocket (cheddar used in this recipe)


I have a really fast way of making the pancake mix. I use the measuring bowel on my weighing scales.

Crack an egg into the bowel. Zero the scale

Add 15g of Oat Bran, zero the scale

Add 20g of yoghurt, which is about a dessert spoon full, zero the scale.

Using a hand whisk, mix it all together until you see a few bubbles.

Grease a small non-stick pan with a little butter (2g x 2g if cooking 2 pancakes). You can make 2 small pancakes or 1 big one.

Pour in the mixture at gas mark 7, and allow to sit and cook for 1 min at least before moving. Shake the pan lightly  to ensure the mixture does not stick. Lightly lift the pancake at the side of the pan to see if it is ready for flipping. Repeat for the second pancake. Smaller pancakes cook faster and look like more food on a plate.

When you flip it, top the cooked side with your topping of cheese, berry or ham to slightly warm them too.

You can add a dusting of sugar-free icing sugar (sukrin) if you like that sugary look.