Tasty Chicken Goujons

Sometimes we all get a yearning for deep fried food. This is the closest I can get to a healthy low carb goujon. The mixture has to be very fine so that it coats the chicken. If you are coeliac, I suggest blending gf oats with dried chillis, dried onion, garlic, coriander seeds, black pepper and use fresh if you don’t trust dried sources.

I found psyllium seek seeds in my local veg shop. They are a very small light purple seed.

Alternatives: Psyllium husk seeds may be hard to source in your local area so you can mix 15g oat bran with 15g almond flour. If you use all Oat bran (30g) the carb jumps to 9g.

Makes 2 servings

ONE Serving :  5g Carb  291 Kcals  Protein 44g    Fat 9g    Fibre 8g


Makes 2 Serving

220g, 2 chicken breasts

1 medium egg, whisked

15g Oat Bran, 2 teaspoons

15g Psyllium Husk Seeds

5g, 1 tsp Piri Piri Spice

½  of a teaspoon of turmeric


30g Parmesan, finely grated

5ml, 1 tsp lemon juice


Oil a flat baking tray, ready to bake the chicken goujons, I used a pizza tray with holes in it.

Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees

  1. Slice each breast into 4 or 5 long slim strips
  2. Whisk the egg, add the melon juice to the egg and marinade the chicken fillet slips in the whisked egg
  3. In an empty glass jar, add all the other dry ingredients, put the lid on and shake to mix them all together
  4. Spread half the mixture onto a large flat kitchen board (I used a wooden board)
  5. Using a fork, lift the chicken slips out of the wet mixture and lay onto the wooden board.
  6. Spread the remaining mixture from the jar over the chicken. Both sides are now coat
  7. Lift the chicken pieces onto the oiled baking tray. Scatter any remaining mixture from the board onto the chicken before placing the tray in the heated oven.
  8. Place in the very hot oven for 3 to 5 mins, then turn the oven down to 180 for another 12 mins. The chicken slices are thin and will be fully cooked in 15 minutes but cut through the largest slices to ensure they are all cooked through

Serve with a salad of rocket or crudities (raw peppers, celery, carrot) and your choice of salad ingredients, added to your APP.