Eating a snack 2 to 3 hours after a meal should help you to

  1. maintain blood glucose levels thereby avoiding tiredness, crankiness and sugar cravings
  2. avoid eating too many kcalories at your next meal

A mid-morning and mid afternoon snack are a good idea BUT keep the kcalories low.

  1. Sorbet

20g is 1 serving size

5g Carb. 21lcals.  0g Fat, protein & fibre

Shop Bought

Sorbets are low in fat but portion carefully as they are mainly a sugar.

‘Posh’ restaurants use sorbet to clean the palate between meals. I frequently hear clients asking for something sweet after a meal. This is an ideal choice for Summer months.

  1. Fresh Fruit

80g is 1 serving size


Eat 80g of any fruit you like in between meals.

Maximum of 2 servings per day

Fruit is fat free and mainly contains natural sugars like fructose so it is important to have just 1 piece (80g) at one sitting to avoid blood sugar spikes.

Use your APP to check kcalories and the APP gives you visual portion sizes.

Skin and seeds are particularly rich in phytochemicals so include passionfruit, pomegranate, raspberries and grapes. Avoid apple seeds. Wash the skin well as fruit is sadly a source of pesticides!

2. Sweet Date dipped in dark chocolate

Kcal 68

Fat 2g Protein 1g  Fibre 1g    Carb 11g


1 x 15g Megool soft date

1 x 5g  – half a 10g square of 70% Lindt chocolate

This is a really sweet treat, so sweet that I do not go back for a second one. Place the chocolate in a tiny dish like in the photo and put in a steamer over bubbling boiling water – it quickly melts. Roll the date in it or dip it and then refrigerate.

I do them one at a time rather than keep a tempting supply in the fridge! Make one at your breakfast time and it will be cold for your morning break time.

3. Dark Chocolate

KCals : 57

Protein 1g Fat 4g Fibre 0g  Carb 3.4g

10g dark Chocolate

The flavonoids in the cocoa bean are what make chocolate heart healthy, therefore buy chocolate with a high content of ‘cocoa solids’. Lindt makes it easy for you, selling their products as 70% cocoa solids, 85% etc. The key flavonoid is called proanthocyanidins which in fact makes up 12% to 48% of the dry weight of a cocoa bean.

One square is plenty and perfect with a coffee at break.

In comparison popular milk chocolate has about 23% solids with the fat from animal/diary.

4. Greek 0% fat Yogurt with fresh berries & Spice

Kcal: 85

Fat 3g  Protein 6g  Fibre 3g  Carb 7g

50g 0% fat Greek Yoghurt, 5g flaked almonds toasted

a Passionfruit OR 80g strawberries/raspberries

sprinkle cinnamon

Yogurts provide a protein hit and you can choose a 0% or low-fat depending on what you need that particular week. After coming off the lowcarb/high fat, I suggest choosing 0% fat for a few weeks then moving to low-fat yogurts.

Chop the fruit on top of yogurt and sprinkle flaked almonds on top, Sprinkle cinnamon is you like it or cocoa nibs

5. Summer Lolly

kcals 75

Protein 0.6g  Fat 0.7g   Fibre 0g  Carb 16g

It is a treat – yes low in protein and has no fibre but lowish in kcal

This is a treat for a day when you are out and about and everyone with you is having an ice-cream. You are looking for a low fat option as most ice creams are made with cows milk.

6. Veggie Sticks with low-fat dips

kcals 106

Protein 3g   Fat 6g    Fibre 4g   Carb 9g

80g – a mix of celery, pepper and carrot sticks

35g Low Fat Houmous

This is a filling plant-based snack.

7. Crackers ‘n Cheese

kcals 107

Protein 7g  Fat 3g   Fibre 1g  Carb 15g

2 x 8g Wholegrain Crackers or Ricecakes

50g Low Fat Philadelphia cheese

Optional: 20g smoked salmon (add 37kcals, Protein 5g, Fat 2g, )

When choosing a cracker, look for the best fibre per slice and ensure the first ingredient on the list is wholegrain. Crackers are baked at high heat to crisp them, so a saturated fat would be the most stable fat to use (palm oil, coconut oil, butter)

Rice cakes are ideal if you are gluten free and are lower calorie etc. Use your APP to calculate.

8. Nairn Oat Biscuits

2 Biscuits

86 Kcals

Protein 1.4g   Fat 3g    Fibre 1.4g   Carb 13g

1 or 2 biscuits depending on how your day’s intake is going.

These biscuits come incorrectly portioned with 5 biscuits in a pack and 4 packs in a box. I suggest unpacking then all into a zipped plastic bag and getting into the habit of taking 1 or 2 biscuits at a time, storing the bag away carefully and snacking in another room (keep under 100kcals). Use the 20 minute rule after a snack – allow 20 minutes to pass after eating a snack, to allow that sense of satiety to arrive to your brain.

9. Clove-flavoured Bacon 

75 Kcals

Protein 13g   Fat 2.3g    Fibre 0g   Carb 0.7g

70g, 2 slices with all visible fat removed

handful peppery rocket

Sunday is the ideal day to boil and then bake a Ham joint (unsmoked) and flavour with mustard and cloves when baked.

During the week you can snack on slices especially if you need to top up your protein.

10. Mackerel Pate

Makes 2 servings totaling

272 Kcals

Protein 22g   Fat 19g    Fibre 0g   Carb 5g

75g, 1 smoked mackerel fillet

50g, lightest philadelphia soft cheese

20g, fresh lemon juice

ground nutmeg

black pepper, cayenne chilli pepper, capers

(nutri-panel does not include crackers, celery etc)

note: if you don’t like mackerel, use smoked salmon

  1. Remove the skin from the mackerel fillet- the skin lifts easily away and place in a blender. Blend.
  2. Add 50g low-fat cheese. Blend.
  3. Add a pinch of nutmeg. – taste and add more if you need to
  4. Add the lemon juice a teaspoon at a time with black pepper and taste to find your preferred level and consistency.
  5. Divide the mix into 2 ramekins.
  6. Cover with cling film and refrigerate. They will last for up to a week if sealed well.
  7. When serving, put a little cayenne chilli pepper on top – it’s hot so be careful. You can also add a few capers if you want.
  8. Enjoy with the celery sticks and corn cakes and watercress on the side

11. Kelkin Cracker Thins

100g pack – 1 serving 25g (4 servings)

1 serving : 103 Kcals

Protein 2g   Fat 2g    Fibre 1g   Carb 18.8g

A shop bought convenient snack

When you buy the pack, split it into 4 portions as it easy to eat the entire pack. They are salty and tasty.

12. Linseed Rye Cracker

5 packs of 4 slices

1 serving is 2 slices: 74 Kcals

Protein 4.4g   Fat 1.2g    Fibre 3g   Carb 10g

A shop bought convenient cracker

You decide on the topping depending on how much you have allowed for in the APP for your snacks on that days –

1. Philadelphia Light 50g 40kcals, 1g Fat, 6g protein, 3g carb, 0g fibre plus the crackers

2. 10g lettuce with 35g turkey slice  and 1 30g tomato – 46kcals, 8g protein, 1g fat, 1g carb, 1g fibre plus the crackers