Balti Chicken Curry with Rice

My ‘Real Food’ eating programme involves a lot of cooking. Bulk dishes are vital to cut the time spent in the kitchen. Indian meals re-heat really well and taste even better when re-heated. I advise bulk producing them. This recipe is 5 servings because I wanted more of my earlier Rogan Josh which was just 3 servings.

Patak’s is a ready made spice in a jar  – with a low-carb content(10%) and it uses rapeseed oil (22%), an omega 9, resistant to oxidation during cooking.

Total Fat 13g

1 Chicken Curry Serving:  Carb 12g           Kcals 253     Protein 23g      Fat 12g   Fibre 3g

1 portion brown rice (30g dried weight) : Carb 21 g          Kcals 105     Protein 3g      Fat 1g   Fibre 1g


For men, just add2 portions of the curry – 4 labels, to the plate for additional kcals


Serves 5

Curry Sauce

160g, 7 stalks celery, chopped finely

160g, 2 medium red onion, cut in chunks

400g, 5 medium tomatoes, cut in large chunks

15g, 1 red and 1 green chilli, de-seeded and chopped finely

30g, grated lump of ginger, skin removed

10, 2 to 3 garlic cloves, sliced or crushed

40g, a large handful of fresh coriander leaves, chopped finely

150g, 1 large green pepper, chopped in chunks

350ml, Sadie’s chicken stock or a chicken stock cube in boiling water

Juice of 1 lime

5 cardamon pods (optional)

5g, 1 teaspoon garam masala spice (optional)

1 jar (283g) Pataks Balti paste



400g, 4 chicken breasts


30g dried portion x 5, Basmati Brown  rice




  1. Chop all the vegetables. That is the bulk of the work done!
  2. Add 225g of Pataks Balti paste to a heavy bottomed saucepan on a moderate heat (7 on an induction hob)
  3. Add in all the veggies, except for the green pepper and coriander. Mix well.
  4. Gradually add the stock to the pan, stopping the mixture sticking by scraping the spice from the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon and mixing well
  5. When you have added all the broth, add in the finely chopped coriander, green pepper and additional spices (cardamon and garam masala).
  6. Turn the heat down to a gentle simmer and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Then taste and decide if you want to add more chilli or garam masala.
  7. Chop the chicken into chunks, turn up the heat to a bubble and add in the chicken chunks. Mix well. As the raw look disappears, turn the heat down to 2 or 3 (a gentle simmer) and leave the curry flavours all come together and the onion completely softens.
  8. Add the basmati rice to cold water and bring to the boil. Then simmer for 25 minutes. Drain and fluff up.