A fresh and tangy Mango Dressing

A fruity and sharp dressing for a fresh Summer Salad.  A client really enjoyed this with fried chicken drizzled in a little sesame oil with toasted seeds scattered on top

Makes 3 servings: 1 serving is 50ml of dressing

One serving of sauce: 3g Carb  197 Kcals  Protein 0g    Fat 20g    Fibre 2g


Makes 3 servings – 150ml

60ml, 4 tablespoons x-tra virgin olive oil or a lighter oil you prefer

60ml, 2 tablespoon of apple cider or a wine vinegar

60g, 1/4 of a mango, moderately sweet

5g, 1 teaspoon of chicory syrup

40ml, 8 teaspoons, the juice of a lime

half a teaspoon Salt or to suit your palate

Black Pepper


You will need a small blender, a small jug, teaspoon measures, a lime squeezer and a bottle or jar to store the dressing.

  1. Add the oil, vinegar and mango and blend together. Some mangos are much sweeter than others
  2. Add half the amount of lime juice (4tsps) and taste at this point.
  3. You want to taste sweet and sour, the lime cuts a sour but fresh note through the fruit and oil.
  4. Add salt and pepper and re-taste.
  5. Add the chicory syrup
  6. Finally drip feed in the lime juice until you get the flavour you like.