Meat and Coleslaw Lettuce Wraps

When losing weight, the food that people miss most at lunch time is bread because you can wrap other food into it, pick it up and eat it. Simple and fast to prepare. Lettuce sounds a poor substitute for bread until I tried this recipe using the Little gem lettuce heads. They are fresh, tasty and will filling but unlike bread, they do not leave you with a stodgy feeling.

If you are on the low-fat programme, make you own chipotle coleslaw (7g fat in 50g) as the shop-bought Dunnes version has 16g fat in just 50g of coleslaw.

Makes 1 serving  

1 serving: Carb 11        Calories: 395

One Serving

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
5g 34g 11g 24g


Makes 1 serving

80g, 1 head of baby gem lettuce

75g, 2 stick slices of chicken or turkey breast

35g, 1 thinnish slice of ham/bacon

20g, a few raw onion slices

50g, Dunnes Chipotle coleslaw

Side Salad

50g mixed lettuce leaves

20g, radish

40g, carrot grated

5g olive oil,

5g apple cider vinegar/lemon juice

2g mustard


Wash the lettuce leaves and use a lettuce spinner or tea towel to dry them. Don’t tear them.

Early in the week, cook a joint of poultry (turkey or chicken) and a small joint of ham/bacon and use them across the week in various dishes. This is a great time-saving tip if you work from home.

Slice 2 thick pieces of poultry (75g) and divide them up in 6 to 10 pieces for each lettuce leaf. Top with a small piece of bacon and a teaspoon of coleslaw. Wrap it up in the lettuce leave.

To increase the fibre content of your lunch, add a side salad of mixed lettuce leaves, grated carrot, radish, onion and a salad dressing of your choice.