Houmous Salad Bowl

The goal of this dish is to get multiple colours and flavours on the plate with different textures. Fresh vegetables would be a big plus but that is challenging as most of mine today were imported! This recipe is just an example, use any vegetables you fancy. Log them in the APP and create.


One Serving  Carb 17g           Kcals 413     Protein 21g      Fat 29g   Fibre 7g


One Serving

50g, large handful rocket

30g, chickpeas

40g, large soup-spoon full of humous (30% less fat used)

10g, 6 to 7 olives

1/4 of a red pepper

50g, thick matchbox size of Halloumi cheese

50g, 1 small carrot grated

5g, a small grating of fresh ginger root

5g, 1 teaspoon pumpkin seeds

5g 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil &

drizzle of fresh lemon juice


Gather all the ingredients, wash and chop and build your plate.

Using a hand grater, grate the carrot, then mix in the grated ginger and add 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar.

Dry fry the pumpkin seeds, adding a little ground coriander spice, just a dusting. Leave them cool and store a supply in a glass jar to top your carrot and ginger.

Grill the cheese lightly on a dry pan.


If you fancy adding a little carb, couscous or quinoa go with this dish. 30g cooked is 8g Carb and Quinoa 6g.

Adding Carb

Cous Cous