Omelette (Mushroom & Spinach)

Eggs are a complete protein, containing all the amino acids needed to maintain and repair muscle, tissue and organs. They contain various fats which are filling and healthy. You decide on the filling. I chose mushroom and spinach as they are low in carbohydrate.

Carb 2g  Kcals: 300

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
3g 20g 2g 24g


2 medium eggs

butter (10g)

spinach (100g)

mushrooms (100g)



Wash and chop the spinach and mushrooms. Butter the frying pan and add the mushrooms and then the spinach on top – lightly fry until the spinach starts to wile. Remove them to plate.

Whip the eggs together adding salt, pepper and a little of the chopped dried or fresh herbs.  Lightly butter the pan again and add the egg. Cook gently. Then add the cooked mushrooms and spinach on top and fold the eggs in half enclosing the vegetables. Flip over after a minute or 2 and cook the other side.

Vary this recipe frying, poaching or baking your eggs, and change up the vegetables to asparagus, tomatoes and add grated cheese on top for new flavours. Just make sure you add these to your APP daily.