Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Salad

The combo of bacon, crispy lettuce and tomato is one of my all time favourites and for normal living, it is important to keep the foods you like included in your weight-loss diet. The adaption is dropping the bread but you add in a Keto roll.

O’Neills do lovely rashers.

I like keeping this classic

One Female Serving  Carb 13g           Kcals 420     Protein 34g      Fat 26g   Fibre 4g

For men, just add a little more of everything to the plate for an additional kcals


One Serving

60g Cos Lettuce, washed

2 boiled egg,  medium size

20g Chickpeas on

20g lower fat hummus

50g, 1 medium tomato, in small chunks

40g Red Pepper

10g light mayo

Optional: Keto Roll or slice of Keto bread


Optional: keto roll or slice Keto bread


Boil the egg.

Drain the tuna

Add the dressing ingredients to a glass jar, shake well and mix it into the rocket before you plate up

Chop parsley or coriander herb into the chickpeas and drizzle with lemon juice

Add the remainder  of the ingredients to the plate. I sprinkled a little light mayo (5g) and hot paprika spice over mine, again this optional.

A Keto roll will go well.