Perfect pan-fried Chicken

Such a simple recipe and guaranteed that you will love the chicken.


One Serving:   6g Carb   590kcals

One serving

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
6g 40g 6g 43g


Makes 2  servings

110g chicken breast x 2

30ml, coconut fat,

20g, small shallot

5g, 1 garlic clove,

1 avocado

60g raw broccoli,

40g grated carrot

20g mayonnaise,

10g peanuts, roasted

white wine vinegar

half a chicken stock cube & 2ooml boiling watwer

1 teaspoon thyme, fresh or dried


Pre-heat the oven to 180/365
Season both sides of the raw chicken
Heat up a dry frying pan
Add 30ml coconut fat to the frying pan, cooking on a moderately high heat
Add the 2 chicken breasts and leave unmoving on one side to fry for 4 minutes to perfectly pan-sear the breast
Then bake the chicken in the oven for another 10 to 12 minutes. If you want to brown the white side, turn white side down onto the oven dish.
Rest it on a wooden board, once it is out of the oven, for 2 minutes so that the proteins relax.
Mix raw broccoli, grated carrot and mayonnaise, adding a few roasted nuts
Chop an avocado and drench with lemon juice
Slice the chicken and serve.