Pomegranates are deliciously sweet and filling. Lizi’s original is a tasty granola, relatively low in free sugars in comparison to most granola’s on the supermarket shelves. The granola has good fats from nuts and seeds but on a low fat diet, you will initially need to weigh out your portion size.


1 Serving:   354Kcals

Protein 15g  Fat 16g  Fibre 7g  Carbs 35g


50g Lizi’s original Granola

50g, half a Pomegranate

100g 0% fat Greek Yoghurt (I used Liberte)

Granola with Pomegranate seeds & Yogurt


Pomegranates can be a pain to de-seed so I buy the de-seeded packs in Dunnes or M&S