Crab & Prawn Salad in Lemon & Dill Mayo

This meal is fresh, light and very tasty and filling. It is a fast one to prepare and for me it is the best way I have found to eat crab meat.

Crab is a low calorie food, low in fat, but has the essential omega 3 fat making it a valuable food for us. Prawns provide selenium, B12 and iron, ideal foods for those cutting back on red meat. Selenium is essential for thyroid health and I frequently see low B12 or folate in my female clients, which affects energy levels. I added the celery for extra potassium for blood vessel health

1 Serving: 4g Carb    Kcals 349

Ingredients make 2 servings











Serves 2

130g, 8 large prawns (raw or cooked)

100g cooked Crab Meat

200g, 2 heads of Baby Gem Lettuce

105g, 2 long organic celery sticks

70g full fat Hellmans Mayonnaise (1.4g carb/100g)

5g, 1 teaspoon chicory syrup

5g, 1 teaspoon apple cider or white wine vinegar

1 organic lemon – yielded 6g zest and used 20ml of juice

6g fresh Dill, herb


Chop away the lettuce stalk, chop the lettuce and celery and wash thoroughly drying well

Using a small blender, add the mayonnaise, chicory syrup, lemon zest and juice , dill and blitz. Add salt and black pepper. Taste.

Drench the lettuce and celery in the dressing, add in the crab meat and mix it all together.  Divide into 2 serving  and serving aside.

Heat a small frying pan with 1 tsp olive oil and fry the prawns – they only take 3 to 5 mins max. You can season them with chilli and add garlic to the fry if you wish but I prefer them plain for this dish.

Serve the prawns on top of the crab salad.

Feel free to add more lettuce as I had a small pool of sauce left in my plate.