Scrambled eggs & fish on Rye with tomatoes and mushrooms

Every now and again you might want bread. Rye and pumpernickel bread are slow release carbs and one rarely goes back for a second slice making it an ideal weight-loss bread source.

If you do not like Rye, here are some tips for choosing a healthy bread. Go for a short shelf-life (meaning low in preservatives), high fibre (check the fibre per 100g and compare) and scan the ingredient list to see that the flour used is wholegrain/wholemeal brown flour.  If it mentions wheatflour further down the list, this is likely to be refined white.

Freeze the loaf and pull out a slice for this breakfast. If you binge on bread, please avoid having it in the house altogether. It is a common trigger food.

One Serving using 56g slice Rye : 26 Carb       Calories: 359

One Serving using 39g McCambridge Brown Soda Bread: 17 Carb    Calories: 329

Servings: 1

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
5g / 4g 28g / 26g 26g / 17g 16g


a rub of coconut oil (2g) on non-stick pan

20g, a small portion smoked salmon

65g x 2, 2 medium free-range eggs

56g 1 thin slice rye or pumpernickel bread or McCambridge

40g, small handful spinach

40g, 2 mushrooms

fresh chives (optional)


Heat a non stick small frying pan, rubbing the surface with a lick of coconut oil

Chop up the smoked salmon into small pieces.

Wash the spinach in a sieve and just before serving, pour boiling water over it to slightly wilt it before chopping into small pieces. Leave in the sieve to drain as soggy spinach on bread is not nice.

Toast the dark rye/soda bread, firmly – Rye may take a longer time than other breads

Beat the 2 eggs lightly, add pepper, and add to the frying pan on medium heat, folding with a wooden spoon.

Add the salmon to the  eggs, cooking both to your satisfaction. Don’t overcook eggs.

Serve the eggs and fish on the bread, spinach and mushrooms on the side. If you don’t like mushrooms, add tomatoes to your APP.

Chopped chives are lovely on top.