Plant-Based Colourful Lunch

I advise 2 plant days a week and if that means just lunchtime with fish at night, well then that is good. Chickpeas & Black beans are the lowest carb of the legume family.


Chickpeas are a source of lignans which help to balance hormones for females and are a good fibre source making them useful for cholesterol management.

This shop-bought brand ‘Gosh’ passed the taste test in my house.

1 Serving = 4 Gosh Moroccan Spiced Falafel Carbs 20g Kcals 198 Protein 6.2g Fat 8.4g Fibre 8.7g

 0r      4 Gosh Mediterranean Falafel Carbs 19g Kcals 211 Protein 8.5g Fat 9.8g Fibre6.7g

The colourful salad in the picture came to: Carb 28g Kcal 352 Protein 11g Fat 19g Fibre 12g


Serves 1

4 x 22g Falafels

40g Fresh crisp lettuce

25g, 1 forkfuls of chipotle coleslaw

20, 2  beetroot balls

20g, 2 small forkfuls M&S red cabbage veg slaw

20g, 2 small forkfuls M&S 3 bean mix


Pre-heat the fan assisted oven to 180.

The falafels are crispy at 8 minutes.

They are a little dry for my palette and I use the coleslaw or even a little mayo with lemon to dress them.