Stewed Apple & Berries

This is a healthy but creamy-like dessert with cold yoghurt, warm fruit and toasted cinnamon almond bits

1 Serving:  Carb 11g (full fat yoghurt) 12g (zero fat yoghurt)       Kcals 220.

Protein 5g   (full fat yoghurt)  or 11g (zero fat yoghurt

Fat 17g (full fat )    or  6g (zero fat yoghurt)

Fibre 5g


Serves 4

200g, cooking apple (peeled 150g)

100ml cold water

30g x 4 ,  red berries

100g x 4, full-fat thick Greek natural Yoghurt (Glenisk) or a zero fat Greek natural yoghurt (Liberte)

10g x 4  almonds bits

3g x 4, A drizzle of chicory syrup


Peel and chop the cooking apple into big’ish chunks and add to a saucepan with about 100ml of cold water .  Bring it to the boil, then simmer and it will be soft and easily mashed in 3 minutes. Drain some water away if you have added to much otherwise, using a fork or potato masher, mash the apple. Add the berries to the mix and they will heat up as you mix them into the apple, leaving them whole.

Add the almond bits to a dry frying pan and toast them, sprinkling them with cinnamon spice. Watch them carefully and shake the pan continuously. The toasting enhances the flavour.

Serve the apple and berries on top of the yogurt, and scatter the warm toasted nuts on top and using the tip of a fork or knife, drizzle a little chicory syrup on top.