Stewed cooking apple, dates & prunes with Greek Yogurt

Fibre is very useful for weight-loss and some fruits provide a better fibre than others.

Dates are the most alkaline of foods and contain Beta-D-Glucan fibre which helps to reduce the absorption of cholesterol and glucose, slow down gastric emptying which helps appetite control and as a result weight loss. Prunes are dried plums and they provide a fibre food for the gut bacteria and boron for bone health.

Cooking apples have a little less sugar than eating apples and the tart of a cooking apple is a nice contrast to the sweetness of dates.


1 Serving:    258 Kcals

One Serving











100g 0% fat high Protein Greek Yogurt

150g peeled cooking apple

15g, 1 large date

30g, 6 prunes

10g toasted almond flakes

Sprinkling of Sukin icing sugar

(optional vanilla extract)


  1. Peel the cooking apple, discard the skin and cut into small chunks. Chop the prunes and date into small chunks
  2. Add the apple to a saucepan and just barely cover with a little boiling water and stew it until it mashes easily with very little water left. It takes about 4 minutes to soften the apple. Mash up the apple with a fork. Now add the dates and prune and season with cinnamon.
  1. Dry fry the almond flakes and sprinkle a little cinnamon.
  2. Add the yogurt to a bowl and pile the warm fruit on top and then the flakes on top. Sprinkle a little sukin icing sugar over it.

Note: I tried it with the Glenisk vanilla protein yogurt and found it too sweet after 10 weeks on being on the low carb plan. There is no added sugar in Greek yogurt making it a healthier choice and Greek yogurt is high in protein also.