Tartare Sauce for Fish

Chop the capers and gherkins into tiny pieces. Finely chop your herb of choice (Dill, Parsley, Chive)

Add them to the mayo and sour cream and then add the vinegar. Add the lemon juice slowly until you find the taste you like.

Season with black pepper and salt.


One Serving: 2g Carb  108 Kcals   Protein 01g    Fat 11g    Fibre 0g

Serves 2

20g, Mayonnaise

30g, Sour Cream

15g, 1.5 tsps capers

28g, 1 large gherkin, pickled

10g or more of chopped Dill or any green herb

Lemon juice

7g, 1.5 tsps vinegar (apple cider or wine)