Tomato Cabbage & Parmesan Soup

Basil, Tomatoes and Parmesan are perfect ingredients together and the best thing about this soup is that you cannot really taste the cabbage. What an easy way to get greens into your diet!

One serving :  Carb 14g       155 Kcals

One serving

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
5g 14g 14g 5g


Makes 2 large servings

400ml – 1 tin of tomatoes

200g (1/3 of a large head) savoy cabbage / green cabbage

20g (1/2 a matchbox size)  parmesan cheese

100g Quark Cheese (for the protein) or 50g Philadelphia Cream cheese

10g – a full handful of basil leaves

1 Kallo vegetable stock cube or a beef stock cube/ Sadie’s beef broth



Boil 500ml of water and mix the vegetable stock cube.

Wash and roughly chop the cabbage into a saucepan and cover with the stock mix and bring to the boil

Pour in the tinned tomatoes, bring back to the boil and then blend the contents of the saucepan using a hand blender.

Stir in the parmesan cheese and quark and it will soften and melt in – stir well and leave on a gentle heat

Blend in the basil or leave them roughly chopped – you decide

Add additional water or less depending on how you like the consistency of a soup

Soups always taste best when reheated later that day or the following day as the the flavours  really come together.