If you want to lie in at the weekend, combine your breakfast and lunch. You have been cooking all week so if you have a microwave use it for this speedy number!You have room to add more kcalorie so consider adding a turkey rasher for more protein or double up on your vegetables,

1 Serving:    290 Kcal

Protein 21g  Fat 9g  Fibre 8g   Carbs 30g


60g, 1 medium free-range egg

60g, egg whites

80g, 6 cherry tomatoes or a 1 large tomato

80g, 2 mushrooms

80g, baked beans in tomato sauce (no added sugar)

30g, 1 slice wholegrain McCambridge Bread toasted

A speedy Weekend High Protein Breakfast


Pre-heat the oven to 220 (high).

Wash the tomatoes, wipe the mushroom and chop. Rub a small baking dish with the tiniest bit of butter (2g) using your fingers or the foil that wraps a lb of butter. Sprinkle a little dried oregano or thyme over the mushroom and bake both veggies in the oven for 10 minutes.

Whip the egg and egg whites, seasoning with salt and black pepper. Microwave the eggs, stirring occasionally so they do not clump. Microwave the beans.

Store the bread in the freezer. You can toast 1 frozen slice.

Serve the egg on top of the toast with veggies and beans on the side.