Weekend Pizza with Salad

Following a healthy eating plan is much more sustainable if you can have a food that you really love, every so often, especially at the weekend. An average shop-bought pizza is 1500 kcalories and they go up as high as 2500 calories.

This healthy version comes in at around 400 kcals and from 22g to 25g carb. Most pizza bases start at 33g to 45g carb aside from toppings.

Both together

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
6g 17g 22-25g 24-27g


Base Options

37g wholegrain pitta.         18.8g Carb

45g wholegrain Wrap         20.7g Carb

55g BFree wholegrain pitta     21g Carb

Pizza Da Piero 50g pizza base     22.1g Carb


Cheese Option – guiding 30g to 40g max

40g Mozzerella –        0g Carb 103  Kcals 8g Fat

20g Pecorino Cheese  0g Carb 76  Kcals 6g Fat

20g Cheddar Cheese  0g Carbcals 7g Fat


Plant food Options – keep it colourful


Red onion


sun-dried tomatoes

tomato paste

green salad leaves

herbs like basil leaves








Everyone has their favourite ingredients on a pizza. Decide on your ingredients and lay them out as I have done on the video, know the weights and add them to your pizza recipe in the APP.

Turn the oven to its highest, mine was 250 degrees and allow it to fully heat up.

Invest in a pizza tray which has hills it in. See the video. Oil the base so the pizza does not stick.

Wash and chop all the fresh salad ingredients  and lay all of the ingredients out before you start cooking, all chopped and ready to add.

Using a Pitta as a base: put it in the oven to heat it for 1 minute and it makes it less crumbly and easier to half. This gives you 2 circular or oval-shaped bases depending on the pitta you choose.

When halved, Using a pastry brush or spray, lightly coat the top of the pitta with olive oil and place in the oven on the pizza tray for 2 minutes to firm it.  Take it our and add all your toppings except for the cheese.

Bake for 4.5 minutes. Remove the tray the top the pizza’s with your choice of grated cheese.

I mixed pecorino and vintage cheddar.

Put the tray back in the oven nd bake for 3 minutes. Serve on a wooden board with 50g per person of ticket, fresh lemon juice and a little grated parmesan or pecorino on top.

Using a Wrap as a base: Using your hand rub a little olive oil to the wrap and place in the oven for just 1 minute

Take out and add all the ingredients, including the cheese and bake for 5 minutes. Mozzarella takes a little longer to melt I found so I add with the ingredients.

Note: I found the pitta firmer, easier to pick up and a taste nicer.


The Pitta Pizza in the picture: 

37g round wholegrain pitta with 10g olive oil to firm

25g Ballymaloe smoked bacon tomato sauce

20g mixed raw peppers

10g, 4 black olives

10g, 4 small sun-dried cherry tomatoes

10g, a third of a slice of ham

20g grated pecorino cheese

10g vintage cheddar cheese

with 50g Rocket and 5g grated cheese


22g Carb    407 Kcals   Protein 18g Fat 26g Fibre 5g


The Wrap Pizza in the picture: more tomatoey…

45g round wholegrain wrap with 5g olive oil to firm

70g, Mutti tinned pizza sauce with basil and oregano (see video for pics)

20g mixed raw peppers

10g, 4 black olives

10g, 4 small sun-dried cherry tomatoes

5g, 2 anchovies chopped

40g,  4 slices of mozzarella

with 50g Rocket and 5g grated cheese


25g Carb   384 Kcals   Protein 17g Fat 24g Fibre 5g