Weekend Pizza with Salad

Following a healthy eating plan is much more sustainable if you can have a food that you really love, every so often, especially at the weekend. An average shop-bought pizza is 1500 kcalories and they go up as high as 2500 calories. This healthy version comes in at 147 kcals and just 17g carb and it really hits the spot especially with the salad.

The secret to this gorgeous salad is: the baby spinach leafs as they are delicate; the crunch to the iceberg lettuce; the tang to the raw onion and the cheesy, fatty, spicey flavour from the chipotle coleslaw.


One Pizza Serving:   17g Carb    147 kcals

One Salad Serving:  10g Carb    146 kcals

Both together

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
8g 8g 27g 16g


Makes 1 serving

1, 32g Pitta Pocket (gf)

30g, tomato and sweet red pepper sauce (bunalon)

4g, 4 slices jalapeno peppers (hot!)

10g, 4 black pitted morocco olives

15g grated  mozzarella and mature red cheddar cheese]


Pizza Salad   

40g, baby spinach leaves (organic)

25g, Iceberg lettuce

40g, 4 cherry tomatoes

25g, a small carrot, grated

40g, half a pointed red pepper

20g, red or pink onion

30g , Dunnes Stores chipotle coleslaw

7.5ml, 1 .5 teaspoon apple cider vinegar





Wash and chop all the salad ingredients and add to a bowl but do not add the coleslaw or vinegar  until the last moment before you take the pizza out of the oven to keep the salad leaves crunchy.

Turn on the grill to medium

Using a pastry brush or spray, lightly coat the top of the pitta with olive oil and grill the pitta for 2 minutes to crisp it. Watch carefully as it can burn. Alternatively stale bread can be used but weigh it to ensure you are using 32g.

Place the pitta on a wire tray and top it with the tomato sauce, right to the edges. Now add all the other ingredients, leaving the cheese until last.

Grill for 5 minutes and raise the grill to high at the very end if you want a crispier cheese top.

Irish Products

I used Dunnes Stores own brand chipotle coleslaw

I used BFree gluten free pitta pockets

I used a sauce by Bunalon – Tomato and sweet red pepper