Wholegrains (germ & bran intact) contain essential B vitamins including Folic acid, Magnesium, Chromium, Potassium, Zinc, Fibre, essential Fatty Acids and Calcium. However white breads made from refined flours lose 97% to 50% of the nutrients because the germ and bran are removed. That is why ‘bread’ has gotten a bad rep.

Here is a wholegrain breakfast with a few low or healthy fat topper options.


1 Serving:    See below of nutritional content


60g, 2 slices, Wholegrain Toast


Topper Options

Smoked Salmon, Capers, Lemon

Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Low-fat cream cheese

Turkey Rasher

60g, 1 boiled egg

Smoked Trout/Salmon/Sardine Mousse

Wholegrain Toast topped with…


Choosing a Bread – 3 things to look for on the nutritional label

  1. Get the highest fibre per slice – compare the fibre per 100g column  as the slice sizes will vary between different loafs
  2. Under ingredient list, select the one with highest percentage of wholegrain or wholemeal  flour (e.g. 67% wholegrain) – further down the list you may see ‘wheat flour’ mentioned again which is likely to be refined. The marketing blurb on the outer packaging may say’ made with wholegrains’ but that might only be a small %. The ingredient list is legally obliged to mention the ingredients in order of largest content first. Wholegrain flour contains the germ and the bran and that is where the nutrients are and that is what you are paying for.
  3. Alternate your flours to keep grain variety  –  spelt is lower in gluten, rye is higher in fibre, oats has good soluble fibre, buckwheat is low in gluten, Amaranth is virtually gluten free, sprouted grains are easier to digest and so forth.

Topper Options

60g bread, 50g Smoked Salmon, 3/4 Capers, squeeze Lemon, 10g 2 level tsps low-fat mayo

Kcal 251  Fat 7g    Protein 17g    Fibre 4g    Carb 26g


60g bread, 100g Low-fat cream cheese,  50g slice Deli Ham, 60g 1 medium Tomato

Kcals 269   Fat 5.6g    Protein 26g   Fibre 5g     Carb 33.5g


60g bread, 60g, 1 medium boiled egg, 5g, 1 teaspoon low-fat mayo

Kcals 224    Fat 8g    Protein 14g   Fibre 4g   Carb 26g


85g, grilled turkey rasher, butterhead lettuce, 1 medium tomato, 15g 1 tbsp Ketchup (James Whelan butchers)

Kcals 248    Fat 2.6g    Protein 26g   Fibre 5g   Carb 35.4g