Creamy Fruit & Nutty Breakfast

The perfect portable breakfast that you can prepare the night before and have in the car on the way to work and if you don’t eat it all, save some of the trip home  to reduce the evening hunger!

Make up your own version using the APP, adding all your preferred ingredients and saving as My Meal.


1 ServingCarb 9g    486 kcals

Fibre Protein Carbohydrate Fat
5g 8g 9g 47g


100g Greek  yoghurt (3.3g Carb/100g)

25ml whipping cream

40g raspberries

12g, 2 tablespoons dessicated coconut

25g mix of nuts and seeds

Other options

Cacao nibs as a sprinkle on top

Cinnamon sprinkled on top


Whisk the cream,  yogurt & desiccated coconut to create a frothy mixture and add to you dish topping with fresh or frozen berries and your choice of nuts and seeds. I used brazils, sunflower seeds and pecans.

Sprinkle  cinnamon on top. Cacao nibs give a great bite and flavour.

You can pre-make and refrigerate, ready for the following morning.