Tell me One positive from Covid-19

Covid-19 is nasty and has affected all of us in Ireland and globally. Most of us will survive it and hopefully will be much better prepared should it decide to reproduce and revisit.

What I've Noticed

I am beginning to see some positives amidst the fear and anxiety.

I had 2 clients that started with me just as Covid-19 news was ramping up. Both of their lives have changed quite dramatically but they are 10 lbs down and 21 lbs down respectively in weight. Working from home has its advantages.

It is amazing in this quiet, introverted period to focus your mind on something that you have been wanting to achieve for a long time but your life has been too busy.

This is your time to do it. Study. Lose Weight. Get Fit. Get to know your kids better. Whatever you have been wanting to do, do it.  Just make your mind up now, that you are going to make and take a positive from Covid-19.

What I’m hearing – friends, clients, family…..

A reduction in food waste, cost and overall, healthier eating

Because food shopping has become less enjoyable, we really have to focus our mind and get a well planned weekly shopping list together, so as to reduce the time spent in supermarkets per week and avoid the queuing. This has led to a reduction in food waste, lower food cost and overall, healthier eating for our households.

More time to cook at home

Working at home gives us more time to cook healthy meals, taking mini-breaks from our home desk as we potter in the kitchen and garden/balcony completing many tasks.

No more rubbish such as sweets and cakes in the office for those who still have to go in

My clients who remain office-based, report no more rubbish such as sweets and cakes in the office and as a result their worst eating environment has suddenly become their best for weight-loss.

Exercise time outdoors is precious – no one is skipping it

Before lock-down you might skip your walk/gym whereas now we all look forward to getting fresh air. There is no way we miss our allowed exercise time. We all report that we are getting fitter and it is great to see so many people taking exercise at all times of the day and night and safely. People are respecting each other.

Virtual exercise has surprised us all – it is fun to do at home

Virtual exercise has surprised us all. For me, my pre-booked yoga class is part of my routine and I build my day around it. My neighbours talk of virtual spin classes, virtual dance classes on their home TV. Many companies have offered free classes and we are beginning to like it. For overweight people who may be self-conscious about stepping into a gym, this is a great innovation as the motivation comes across strongly online and I think one can build rapport.

We are minding our parents from afar but talking very often

We are minding our parents from afar. Some of us bring their food shopping to the front door, others phone them 2 to 3 times a day, encouraging them to use new technology so that we can see them (e.g. zoom facetime, skype).

Online games with friends and family are popular and we are doing stuff together virtually

We are watching less TV as the weeks go by and have all had team quizzes online with friends and family, played cards, trivial pursuits, chess, kitchen table tennis and done some home workouts together.

We recognise more neighbours

We nod to and salute neighbours from afar and are beginning to recognise more of them. Maybe our communities will become stronger.

We can hear nature more

The traffic is less and I hear nature more. Birds singing, flowers blooming and trees budding are really noticeable to me this year.  It is calming and re-assuring that all is still right with the world despite our invisible enemy.

Working from home may be the solution to our morning and evening traffic chaos

Nobody misses the daily commute and yet all of my clients, friends and family report that productivity remains high with a gentler ease into the day and less midnight oil being burnt at the office. A good routine for working at home is life-changing and hopefully will continue after Covid-19.

Homes are looking really smart

Homes are looking really smart as we walk around locally, with everyone out painting, cleaning and pruning.

This is temporary and life will return to normal

And finally, some manically busy households (2 working parents, a busy evening children activity schedule, limited time at the weekend)  are reporting a welcome break. This is temporary and life will return to normal but are there ‘learnings’ we can take into the future of just ‘Being’  rather than dashing off on holiday/weekends, mindless shopping, browsing with no purpose……

How do we get out of this?

Testing will get us out of this. I have faith in science. I think protecting everybody’s health has risen in the ranks of investment priorities and this can only be a positive.

What is your positive?

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